Product Registration

FlexDeploy requires an encrypted product key to unlock its features. Every FlexDeploy installation comes with the product key for the Community Edition pre-loaded. The Community Edition gives you unlimited access to all features, but limits the number of projects and endpoints. You can create as many projects and endpoints as you wish, but if you exceed the limits you will be unable to execute build and deployment requests. The Community Edition limitations are described in the figure below.



Active Projects


Active Endpoints


When you purchase the Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition of FlexDeploy, you will be provided with a product key that will increase the limits according to the terms of your contract. To view the current license select Administration -> Registration from the menu.

The Product Registration screen indicates which edition of FlexDeploy you are currently licensed for. It also indicates any expiration date, the restrictions, and whether or not you are in compliance with the current license. To update the license, click the Update Product Key button and paste in the license key provided to you by Flexagon at the time of your purchase or subscription renewal.

Click the OK button to load the product key.

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