User Defined Outputs

An output must be defined in the workflow editor to be accessible.  Within your build target, set the property “outputs” equal to your output property names in a semicolon-delimited list. Set properties with those names to the values needed. Boolean values should be set with the word false or true, but are not case sensitive.

<property name="outputs" value="test;testint;testdouble;testbool"/>
<property name="test" value="This is a string coming from ant."/>
<property name="testint" value="23"/>
<property name="testdouble" value="3.14159"/>
<property name="testbool" value="false"/>


Building with Ant

In order to build with Ant, javac must be available on the ClassPath. Please verify this by setting JAVA_HOME to a valid JDK (not JRE) on the endpoint that will build with Ant. If javac cannot be found, you will receive error FDANT-00005.

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