FlexDeploy can be launched in a supported browser using the following address: 

When FlexDeploy is started for the first time, you will need to finish Registration process. This will create admin user and you will be accepting the Terms and Conditions. You will see an Initial Registration screen.

The User Name will default to fdadmin, which you can change if desired. Provide a Password, First Name, Last Name and Email. Also, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. At this point, you can click Submit to finish Initial Registration process.

Once the registration is complete, the Login page will appear and use the Username/Password that was created during the registration.


The initial installation of FlexDeploy comes with a seeded user (fdadmin) that will allow access to the application.  The default password for fdadmin is welcome1.

Viewing the list of users in the system can be accomplished through the Administration -> Security -> Users page.

Users can be created or modified (refer to User Settings).

Creating or changing user values such as a password change or assigning a group to a user can be done through the User Details screen.

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