A file(s) that represents the output of the build workflow. Artifacts will be different depending on the plugin that is used. Artifact is produced by the build workflow execution and automatically transferred from the build end point to the FlexDeploy artifact repository for storage. Artifact will be consumed by the deploy workflow and is automatically transferred from the FlexDeploy artifact repository to deploy end point. Artifact is created once, associated to a project version and then deployed to many environments, which allows FlexDeploy to guarantee that a given project version is the same in each environment.

Artifact examples can be SAR file (SOA composite build) or EAR file (ADF build)

Artifact Repository

The artifact repository is a file based directory structure that manages all of the artifacts created by FlexDeploy. The artifact repository comes out of the box with the FlexDeploy installation. However, if the customer requires an external repository, there are plugins for Artifactory and Nexus.

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