Git Integration (EBS)

At the completion of this section, you will:

  • Understand FlexDeploy integration with Source Control Management Systems (SCM)
  • Be able to create/modify SCM Instances

FlexDeploy has native integration will all major Source Control Management Systems.  The integration starts with creating named connections to the repository through the FlexDeploy repository.

Viewing the current list of SCM Instances is achieved by selecting Topology from the menu, then the Integrations tab from the left-hand pane.  There are four types of integrations in FlexDeploy, but we will focus on Source Control in this tutorial.

Select the + in the upper right corner to create and configure a new GIT Instance.  Configure the following:

Instance CodeA technical code for the instance, without any spaces.  The codes are available as variables to shell and Groovy scripts, and therefore needs to comply with their limitations. 
Instance NameA descriptive name for the instance.
SCM Type

Type of Source Control Management System.  We will use Git for this tutorial.

Supported Source Control Management Systems are:

  • Subversion
  • Git
  • Microsoft TFS Version Control
  • PVCS
  • CVS
  • Perforce
  • IBM ClearCase (UCM)
  • File System
SCM Properties

The remaining properties are specific to the selected SCM.

For Git:

  • Git URL
  • Git User
  • Git Password
  • Git Timeout (optional)


Git URL also supports git and ssh protocols.

Click Test Connection to ensure FlexDeploy can connect to the repository.  Click Save to apply the changes.

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