Schedule Gate

The Schedule gate blocks until the current date/time evaluates to the given cron expression, or the configured FlexDeploy group overrides to continue.



Gate Name

The name of the gate.

DescriptionAn optional description for the gate.

Schedule Cron Expression

The FlexDeploy group which is responsible for approving or rejecting the task associated with this gate.  Sample cron expressions are provided in the  drop-down.  

Starting in the 4.6 release, multiple Cron Expressions can be specified using semicolon as a delimeter. For example, 

0 0 11 ? * *;0 0 12 ? * *

is equivalent to

0 0 11-12 ? * *

This allows for Cron Expressions that are scheduled to run on the 2nd and 4th Friday which is not normally possible with Quartz Cron.

A new Admin Screen was added to test expressions in the Administration Menu on the Admin Operations Screen.

Schedule Override GroupThe pipeline role which is allowed to continue execution prior to the gate completing on the configured schedule.  Default role members are defined on the pipeline, and optional overridden for each release.


An optional Groovy script which determines whether the gate or step is applicable during execution.  The script has access to variables and methods listed in the expression drop-down.  The script must return true if the gate/step is applicable, or false otherwise.  If no script is provided, the default is to return true (applicable).

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