Post Refresh Requests

Post Refresh Request enables an instance in an environment to be refreshed to its original state after that instance has been cloned from another environment.   Post Refresh will identify all the projects that are different in the Source environment instance combination verses the target environment instance combination.  If a project is a partial deploy project, it will also determine which files are different between the source and target.  If there are files that are different, a package will be built that contains only those files.  Then the original project versions (or the newly rebuilt package for partial deploy) from the source environment will be redeployed to target environment. If the project was only deployed to the target environment, then it will be deployed again.

This is needed when an EBS environment such as development is cloned from production.  Once the clone is complete, you can initiate the Post Refresh Requests for the target environment.  Any changes that you have in that development environment that may have been lost because of the clone in the development environment will be redeployed in force mode. This will bring the environment back into alignment with the state that FlexDeploy has recorded.

Post Refresh is not compatible with Partial Oracle Database projects, or any partial objects that are sourced from a server without source control at this time. If you require this, please create a support request.

Viewing and Creating Post Refresh Requests 

The Post Refresh Requests button is on the Environment Instance page.  To get to the Environment Instance page, first select Topology from the menu, then select the Topology Overview section, next locate the Environment and Instance  and click on the colored dot to go to the Environment Instance page to view or create Post Refresh Requests.

On Environment Instance page, click the Post Refresh Requests button on top right corner to view the Post Refresh Requests.

Creating New Post Refresh Request

Enter values for the following fields:

Field Name



Refreshed From Environment


Name of the environment that you cloned to the target.

Any projects which are not in sync between the source and the target will be redeployed.

Requested Start Time


Start Time for the refresh deployments to begin.

Click the Find & Re-Deploy button in the top right corner to redeploy the projects.  When the Request Status is complete, the refresh is done.

Viewing Post Refresh Request Status

Below is Post Refresh Requests section which provides a history or recent Post Refresh Requests for that Environment Instance.

Request Status



Initial status while builds are executing.


Workflow requests for the post refresh request are being deployed.


All the workflow requests for the post refresh are either Completed, Failed, Aborted, or Rejected.

Click a Post Refresh Id to view the Post Refresh Request status of particular request.

In the below screen we are viewing the Post Refresh Status of Post Refresh Request Id 3441394

This page shows the Post Refresh status and workflow request status. Please refer to Build & Deploy Projects for more information about the lifecycle of a workflow request and its workflow execution. 

The Project Name column contains a list of all projects to be redeployed. For partial deploy projects click the arrow next to the project name to view the files under each project.