FlexDeploy - Git Plugin Guide

The FlexDeploy Git plugin makes it easy to interact with source code stored in a Git repository. This plugin requires a Git client to be stored on the FlexDeploy server and any endpoints which will execute Git plugin operations. FlexDeploy allows users to configure Git repository connection details to be shared by various projects and other configurations at a project level.  This allows workflows to perform clone and tag operations within a workflow.

  • Create SCM Instance for Git and define URL, User and Password information. You can also validate connection when creating SCM Instance for Git.
  • At project level, select Git as SCM Type and provide details like Branch, Sparse Folders, Tag etc. which are defined as Groovy scripts.

Supported Versions

  • 1.7.9+

Key Features

  • Executes native commands using Git client
  • Supports partial and shallow checkouts from Git Repository

Instance Properties

Property Name





The URL to the remote GIT repository.



The username to the remote GIT repository.



The password for FDGIT_USER.



The GIT executable folder.
Note: If the Git executable is on the PATH, then there is no need to setup this property, otherwise, this needs to be configured on the Environment Instances screen for the workflow instance (different from the 3 above, which are on the SCM Instances screen).

Plugin Operations

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