SAP Change Requests

The SAP Change Requests tab is available for projects with Project Type of SAP. This page allows you to view the Change Requests (Transport Requests) from Source SAP server and provides option to release  and import selected change request.

To view the SAP change requests, click on the SAP Change Request tab.

Populating Change Requests From SAP

When you first create a SAP project and access this tab, FlexDeploy connects to the configured Source SAP server and retrieves the Change Requests. During the subsequent visits to the page, FlexDeploy will only pull created / modified Change Requests since last refresh.  Before accessing the Change Requests tab, make sure you have configured project workflows and instances on Configurations tab. 

  • This tab displays all recent Change Requests on the top. The table displays all Change Requests with their Type, Status, Description, Created User and Updated Date Time. Click on the V icon to see all the files and tasks under that Transport Change Request. The expanded table displays all the files / objects modified or created with their task numbers under the selected Change Request. 

  • Use the Search filters above the table to filter the results.

Release Change Request

Once all the development work is completed for a Request, select the request and click the build icon to Release the change request. FlexDeploy releases all the tasks under the change request first and then releases the Change Request itself.


Import Change Request

To deploy / move to target SAP server, you can click on the deploy icon next to the Change Request. Only the Change Requests that are released are eligible to Import / Deploy.  After clicking on the icon, the Import Request form will be displayed to select the target environment etc.


To view the execution information and detailed logs, visit the Project Execution tab.

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