FlexDeploy 8.0 Release Notes

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Known issues

  • FLEXDEPLOY- is affected by FLEXDEPLOY-11985 - When some customers upgrade to, they will hit an error: Error deploying web application directory [/u01/flexdeploy/apache-tomcat-flexdeploy/webapps/flexdeploy] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error starting child ... Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/i18n/util/LocaleMapper. If you hit this, see Solution for Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/i18n/util/LocaleMapper This solution is automatically implemented in and future versions.

  • FLEXDEPLOY to and are affected by FLEXDEPLOY-12078. These versions do not properly purge as much data as they should. The artifact repository and database could be larger than expected. Upgrading to or is recommended to allow the appropriate data to be deleted.

FlexDeploy (7-20-2024)

Version Details

Application Updates

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12531 - The search by commit revision ("Add Files from Change Logs") now supports full commit hashes, whereas previously only the first 12 characters were accepted.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12380 - TOPOLOGY variable is now available in List and Webhook Groovy scripts.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-5187 - Reports with an .html extension will now be rendered as html pages when previewing.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12603 - Project Insights now includes a Change History tab similar to Release Insights.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-12390 - The Workflow Inputs ValidationScript field has been re-added. It was mistakenly removed in

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12390 - Validation Script fields now have access to the FLEXDEPLOY, REST, TOPOLOGY, and EMAIL variable helpers.

Release and Pipeline Management

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12005 - Implemented support for Groovy script execution timeout (defaulting to 2 minutes) in Pipeline custom gate and step.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12173 - Introduced input fields for the Pipeline Manual Step, allowing users to define input parameters that can be assigned values when completing the manual step. These input definitions provide a mechanism to control behavior throughout the pipeline execution process. Additionally, users can now provide values for these inputs via email. If email-based input validation fails, a notification will be sent back to the sender.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12453 - The 'Manage Stage Execution' permission now enables the aborting of a running stage. Previously, this required 'Manage Gate Execution' or 'Manage Step Execution' depending on the current execution state.

Salesforce Integration

  • Upgraded to Salesforce API version 60.0 (Spring ’24). The following new Metadata Types are supported:

    • DocumentCategory, DocumentCategoryDocumentType, DocumentType, ExtlClntAppConfigurablePolicies, ExtlClntAppGlobalOauthSettings, ExtlClntAppOauthConfigurablePolicies, ExtlClntAppOauthSettings, FundraisingConfig, GenAiPromptTemplate, GenAiPromptTemplateActv, ManagedEventSubscription, OauthTokenExchangeHandler, OmniExtTrackingDef, OmniTrackingGroup, ParticipantRole, RecordAggregationDefinition, RegisteredExternalService, RelatedRecordAssocCriteria, WebStoreBundle.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-12229 - Restricted non-admin users from adding or removing admin groups for other users and prevented them from updating a group’s admin status. Non-admin users can no longer modify a group to be an admin or non-admin group.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-12479 - The Branch Created webhook event payload now includes the folder name and id.

Groovy Functions

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12560 - FLEXDEPLOY function now includes method for searching Workflows using criteria.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12593 - FLEXDEPLOY function now includes method for Searching objects (workflows, projects etc.) using tag name.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-7019 - Folders are now searchable when in the ALL section of the Global Search menu.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-7019 - A new search setting has been added "Custom Search", which allows selecting one or more search types that will be added in a "Custom" tab on the global search menu.

New Plugins

  • Oracle SQLcl Plugin

    • New plugin has been added to execute SQL files using SQLcl. Package-based execution is also supported. See SQLcl Plugin Guide for more details.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Integration

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10969 - Export and Filter Criteria are no longer displayed for files sourced from SCM.

  • Oracle Visual Builder Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12627 - Introduced a new input parameter for the buildApplicationExtension operation to allow the specification of additional parameters.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12628 - Introduced a new input to set project source folder for buildApplication and buildApplicationExtension operations.

  • AWS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12476 - Introduced a 'Stack Status Timeout' input for 'CreateStack','UpdateStack' and 'CreateOrUpdateStack' operations. This input will help to fetch the status of the stack within the timeout period and will return the final status as an output element.

  • Terraform Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12514- Updated Terraform Plugin in all operations to support Init Parameters input.

Resolved Issues

  • Project

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12477 - Resolved a caching issue on the workflow request form that would sometimes cause workflow inputs to lose their values when changing workflow versions.

  • Workflow Execution

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11018 - Resolved an issue with Windows endpoint executions where the presence of a pipe character in property or input values caused failures.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12298 - Implemented optimization to prevent "java.net.SocketException: Connection reset" errors when multiple SSH plugin executions are triggered concurrently.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12538 - Resolved an issue with HTTPS Agents where null plugin outputs caused a JSONObject["value"] not found failure.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12424 - Execution Files Revision will now store complete Git Revision. This resolves 404 errors for Azure DevOps commit links.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12534 - Resolved an issue where Commit and File Content URL display fails if SCM Integration Instance is inactive.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12542 - FlexDeploy will no longer perform discover before build of a manual package that has .* set in the includes. This would have only happened if the package was originally a dynamic package, and it was changed to be a manual package.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12558 - File type SCM now tracks change logs and performs change detection before the build.

  • Release and Pipeline Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11761 - In the Upload Stage Execution Info popup, using the "copy value to all rows" button will correctly use the first row on the visible page instead of the first row on the first page.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11762 - In the Upload Stage Execution Info popup, using the "copy value to all rows" button will now only copy to the filtered rows instead of all rows.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12546 - Resolved an issue where stgexec.getProjectWorkflowOutputMap("ProjectName") does not find any outputs if ProjectName represents utility project that is not added to release content.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12573 - Resolved an issue where severe errors like StackOverflowError could prevent Pipeline Gate initiation.

  • Salesforce

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12580 - Resolved an issue where deploying a individual file of a LWC and Aura component deleting the existing files from the target component.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12544 - Resolved an issue where the Dependency (Add Profile and Permissions) was generating an error "String index out of range: -6".

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12594 - Resolved an issue where the Add Profiles and Permissions Dependency feature was not retrieving Permission Sets for specified CustomObjects.


    • FLEXDEPLOY-12069 - Resolved an issue with the REST API for Integration Instances where validation for all required properties during an update operation was not being enforced.

  • Groovy Functions

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12490 - Resolved an issue where FLEXDEPLOY.getUser does not return user external groups.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12586 - Resolved an issue where BITBUCKET function was returning max of 25 files per commit, now with limit argument this can be adjusted up to a maximum of 1000 results per request.

  • Code Editor

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12557 - Resolved a regression in that was causing function call chains to not show suggestions should one function not have arguments. For example: EVENT.getPayload(). would not show suggestions.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12568 - Resolved a handful of groovy issues that would cause suggestions to not be displayed in certain cases.

  • Oracle Apex

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12512 - Discovering files now allows inactivating missing files.

  • Oracle EBS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12497 - Reverted FLEXDEPLOY-12205, no longer attempting to make comments compatible with SQL*Plus. Customers should verify that their sql files are valid for SQL*Plus.

  • Unix Shell Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12592 - Resolved an issue where packageExecute operation fails due to CR characters in script code.

  • Maven Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11973 - Introduced FDMVN_SONAR_URL output variable. If Maven execution has the sonar scan information. then this value is returned.

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12473 - Resolved an issue where opening a new setup task often showed an additional blank attribute that could lead to confusion.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12520 - The Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin is now able to compile fast formulas using Selenium on Java 11 endpoints.

  • Oracle Visual Builder Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12585 - Resolved an issue where Username was not displayed for OAuthJWTAssertion auth type on Integrations page.

  • Oracle BI

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12541 - The OBI, OAC, and OTBI plugins now handle trailing slashes in the Object Path project property.

  • Tricentis Tosca Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12525 - Resolved regression in FlexDeploy that caused the plugin to not work in some cases.

FlexDeploy (6-22-2024)

Application Updates

  • FLEXDEPLOY-9983 - The Start Time and End Time on Blackout Windows now supports the choosing of the time zone. When the time zone is selected the date will still be converted to and saved as GMT. This is also supported for Start Time input on Deploy or Utility request form.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10856 - Users now require 'View Logs' permission within a project to download backups, aligning with the process for downloading artifacts.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11890 - Workflows, Pipelines, Credentials, Integration Instances, Workflow Properties and Target groups now all include table actions to view usages. Credentials, Integration Instances, and Target Groups also include a button in the edit popup.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12384 - Two Factor Auth enabled added for Users screen and report.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-11951 - Workflow inputs can now be sorted via drag and drop.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12392 - Improved the Update Usages functionality in the Workflow Inputs and Variables popups. This is useful when renaming Input and / or Variable codes.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-6721 - Introduced an 'Application Counts' panel to display the number of various FlexDeploy objects such as Projects, Releases, Folders, Users, Groups, Tasks, and more.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-6721 - Introduced 'Incoming Webhook Messages' and 'Outgoing Webhook Messages' panel to display recent webhook messages.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-6721 - Introduced 'Scheduled Event Messages' panel to show display recent scheduled event executions.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-9588 - Enhanced the Running Releases panel with input options for displaying various content types, including Current Snapshot, Next Snapshot, and Tags.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11969 - The Custom Search panel has a new input for including a dynamic search bar inside the panel.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12340: Introduced an option to deploy or skip connections utilized by integrations.

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12421 - Alter input sizes in the Filter Criteria section of the File Catalog to improve readability and developer experience.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12433: Restored the ability to set export criteria in the Manage HCM Extract Definitions setup task. Additionally, a BIP data model and report are now downloadable for exporting the necessary ExtDefinitionId values to use with the export criteria. See Oracle SaaS FSM Object Type - Setup Task for more details.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12443 - Enhanced plugin export operation to throw an error when the SaaS Application indicates that the file size of the setup task being exported is too large.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12482 - Enhanced the Compile Fast Formulas feature in the Import operation to support SOAP invocation. This method is preferred as it aligns with permissions required for other deployments and eliminates the need for UI-based compilation using Selenium.

  • Terraform Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12456 - Plan, Apply, and Destroy operations now include a plugin input for global options, allowing switching to a different working directory before executing the specified subcommand.

  • AWS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10536 - Introduced a 'UsePreviousValue' input for 'UpdateStack' and 'CreateOrUpdateStack' operations. This input allows retaining the current parameter value used by the stack for a specified parameter key during a stack update.

  • Azure Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12027- Users now have the option to specify whether the 'partiallySucceeded' status from the DevOps pipeline should be treated as successful.

New Plugins

  • SQL*Plus - new plugin has been added to execute SQL scripts using SQL*Plus. See SQL*Plus plugin guide for more details.

Resolved Issues

  • UI / UX

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12030 - Snack messages will now stack on top of each other when multiple messages are being displayed.

  • Project

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12457 - Resolved a regression in causing the view plugin logs popup to not appear when viewing from the test results screen.

  • Package

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12292 - Resolved an issue causing selected package files to not clear after removing them from the package.

  • Workflows

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12320 - Resolved an issue allowing duplicate user input codes on the invoke plugin step.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12388 - Resolved an issue causing workflow inputs to incorrectly show as available in shell and other script inputs.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12393 - Resolved an issue causing Invoke Workflow input values to not be displayed when first opening the popup.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12399 - Resolved an issue preventing Run Groovy Logs from being displayed if called inside a sub workflow.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12400 - Resolved an issue preventing Run Groovy logs from being seen in sub workflows.

  • Release and Pipelines Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12368, FLEXDEPLOY-12396 - Resolved an issue where the default value for encrypted properties was not working correctly.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12363 - Resolved an issue "No enum constant" when using variables and properties of type Date Time.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12446 - Corrected the release roles screen to check the 'configure pipeline' permission instead of the incorrect 'release update' permission.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12522 - Resolved an issue where same pipeline gate may execute continuously instead of going to the next sequence. This situation can occur when the Copy Pipeline feature is used to make a new pipeline.

  • Work Items

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12398 - Resolved an issue where opening Azure Boards work items in FlexDeploy would display an error when retrieving work item statuses.

  • Dashboards

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12341 - Resolved an issue where the last dashboard viewed would not be remembered and restored in certain cases.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12341 - Resolved an issue causing the edit dashboard button to be disabled even if you had edit access.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12485 - Resolved an issue causing a null pointer exception with the Recent Activity panel when executed Workflows had been deleted.

  • Security

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12347 - Resolved an issue with the login process occurring when previously remembered devices had expired.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12353 - Resolved an issue where inactive users could access the Dashboard and several other pages when using the "Remember Me" feature.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12364 - Resolved an issue where sensitive information was being printed in application logs when using the TOPOLOGY Groovy function.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12376 - (Realms) Fixed an inconsistency in the Azure OpenID Connect SSO snippet, which had an incorrect client class package.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12446 - The release roles screen was previously checking the incorrect permission "release update". This has been corrected to check the "configure pipeline" permission instead.

  • Credentials

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12416 - Resolved an issue causing the properties selected on the Test Credential form to not be saved.

  • Tasks

    • FLEXDEPLOY-3163 - Resolved an issue where Scheduled Tasks related to pipeline gates or steps did not appear on the Tasks page when using the "My Tasks" option.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10866 - Resolved NullPointerException when calling searchTasks from Groovy scripts of Incoming or Outgoing Webhooks.

  • Post Refresh Requests

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12508 - When creating a post refresh request, the cart button to add files to the Refresh Package wasn't working. This button is now not shown as add from popup isn't supported.

  • Blueprints

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12447 - Resolved an issue where the blueprint endpoint select would only display an ID of 0, instead of the Localhost endpoint.

  • Defaults

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12410 - Resolved a recent regression on the defaults screen causing the description to display as a code block

  • Admin Operations

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12487 - The script value will now be persisted on the current device indefinitely. This improvement ensures that the script remains available across sessions without the need for re-entry.

  • Change Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10858 - The POST (create) method for the CMS Ticket REST API now displays a more accurate error message when either the CmsId and/or InstanceId is invalid.

  • Code Editor

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12387 - Resolved an issue that would cause suggestions to be displayed for the wrong variable type.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12441 - Resolved an issue causing suggestions to not be displayed in for loops in some cases.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12471 - Resolved a few issues with the groovy format command that would lead to bad spacing and indentation.

  • Docker Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12366 - Docker Repository Name is renamed as Docker Repository(Image) Name for clarity.

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12219 - Resolved an issue where Filter Criteria did not consistently filter children business object CSV files correctly.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12492 - Resolved an issue that could lead to incorrect 403 Forbidden errors.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12328 - Resolved an issue where the Attribute Name would be cleared when multiple items were selected for export criteria.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12329 - Attribute Name and Value are now mandatory fields in the Export Criteria.

  • Oracle Transactional BI Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12492 - Resolved an issue that could lead to incorrect 403 Forbidden errors.

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12455 - Addressed an issue where the OIC Plugin could fail to deploy integrations when both "Enable Tracing" and "Enable Payload Tracing" were selected.

  • Oracle Visual Builder Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11960 - Resolved an issue to deploy application with the same version Live in trash.

  • Oracle Database Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12431 - Resolved an issue where identity columns were not handled properly.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12506 - Internal sequences are now excluded from the file catalog.

  • Oracle WebLogic Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12495 - Introduced an input for updateEISDeploymentPlans and CreateOrUpdateEISEntries operations, enabling customers to specify a restricted set of target properties. This feature prevents errors related to environment size for customers managing a large number of properties.

  • Oracle APEX Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12511 - Resolved build failure occurring when the first file in a package is located in another workspace rather than within the application.

Incompatible Changes

  • Oracle SaaS FSM and OTBI plugins now require Java 8 on Endpoint.

FlexDeploy (5-26-2024)

Application Updates

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12242 - Upgraded the version of Tomcat shipped with FlexDeploy and the HTTPS Agent to 9.0.88.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11738 - Added Project Created, Project Deleted, Project Activated, and Project Inactivated events for Outgoing webhook.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12036 - Purge is now enabled by default for new installations.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12039 - Upgraded the Bouncy Castle version shipped with FlexDeploy to 1.78.1 to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2024-29857, CVE-2024-30171, CVE-2024-30172, and CVE-2024-301XX.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11141 - The FLEXDEPLOY function now includes methods for uploading attachments for change management tickets and incidents.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-11695 - Workflow request inputs and values are displayed in the project executions list and table views. Additionally, executions can be filtered and searched by workflow request input values.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11800 - When creating projects from CSV templates, you can use the GIT Instance Code instead of the GIT URL.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12073 - Isolated Network Target Servers now order their builds and deploy chronologically instead of by id.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-11694 - Two new Workflow tours have been added: Workflow Properties and Workflow Security.


  • The Salesforce Change Management screen supports the SFDX source format. Set 'Source Format' to 'Salesforce DX' to commit code in SFDX format.

Release and Pipelines Management

  • FLEXDEPLOY-8470 - A new Release Insights tab is now available for Change History.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10644 - The FLEXDEPLOY function now has the createStandaloneRelease method.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11653 - Release snapshots can now be created if the Release contains only Utility Projects. Note that the snapshot content will be empty in this scenario.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-12291 - The Endpoint Base Directory Path, Java Path, and Private Key Path now allow $ and ~. Variables used should be set in the .bashrc file, and cannot be set only by the endpoint source script.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12016 - The FLEXDEPLOY function now has new methods to manage Target properties.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-8470 - A new dashboard panel, Change History, has been added to help visualize changes over time.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle EBS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11183 - Updated the Default Script for Publisher Files - LOB Code to use the LOB Code from the file contents instead of the File Name for Publisher Data Templates. If unable to find it, it falls back to the filename which is how it worked previously.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12205 - Deploy operation now changes single-line block SQL comments into single-line comments. This is only done if the Fix Sql Syntax attribute is checked for the file. This is done to avoid errors with SQLplus execution.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12343 - Updated jackson-databind in the FlexDeploy EBS plugin to resolve vulnerabilities GHSA-x2w5-5m2g-7h5m, GHSA-rfx6-vp9g-rh7v, GHSA-qr7j-h6gg-jmgc, GHSA-q93h-jc49-78gg, GHSA-p43x-xfjf-5jhr, GHSA-mx9v-gmh4-mgqw, GHSA-h592-38cm-4ggp, GHSA-gww7-p5w4-wrfv, GHSA-f9hv-mg5h-xcw9, GHSA-cggj-fvv3-cqwv, GHSA-c8hm-7hpq-7jhg, GHSA-9mxf-g3x6-wv74, GHSA-6fpp-rgj9-8rwc, GHSA-645p-88qh-w398, GHSA-4w82-r329-3q67, GHSA-4gq5-ch57-c2mg, GHSA-w3f4-3q6j-rh82, GHSA-gwp4-hfv6-p7hw, GHSA-cjjf-94ff-43w7, GHSA-6wqp-v4v6-c87c, GHSA-5ww9-j83m-q7qx, GHSA-mph4-vhrx-mv67, GHSA-cmfg-87vq-g5g4.

  • JDBC Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11385 - Filter (WHERE) condition can now be specified in Export operation.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12255 - Added input for packageDeploy operation to control lines printed for SELECT statement. This defaults to 25 lines.

  • Siebel Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12236 - Added a separate property for the migration URL, in case the REST API and migration URL differ.

  • Powershell Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-2605 - Added continue-on error feature for PowerShell plugin.

Resolved Issues

  • FLEXDEPLOY-9540 - If the influxd process is stopped, FlexDeploy will now detect connection refused errors and reattempt measurement push only after a few minutes. This will avoid too many errors in log files in a short duration.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12126 - Resolved an issue where URL query parameters would not reset correctly if navigating away from a popup.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12150 - The Git Account validate logic has been updated to handle more scenarios regarding the Override API Url.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-12161 - Resolved an issue where the Test Email Configuration action did not utilize updated SMTP properties.

  • Project

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11996 - Creating a File ending with "/" in the file catalog is now not allowed, otherwise this causes the File Name (with Path) [/xyz] already exists error.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12114 - Resolved an issue with the v1 Project service patch method, where build workflow and instances were removed if the BuildInfo attribute was not provided. This same issue also occurred for DeployInfo and UtilityExecutionInfo as well.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12139 - Resolved an issue where downloading individual artifacts was not allowed if flexagon.fd.repository.root contains a symbolic link.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-9426 - Resolved an issue where the project search was not showing correct results when using more than one search parameter for a Standard type project.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12109 - Resolved a rare issue where projects and releases you have read access to were not displayed when viewing the parent folder's content.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12131 - Resolved an issue that occasionally caused incorrect navigation to the package execution tab, even when no files were configured in the package.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12172 - Resolved an issue where opened folders were not being re-opened when returning to the Projects screen.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12207 - Utility projects will now show an icon indicating which execution rows have been purged.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12217 - Resolved an issue where copying a package with 1000+ files would lead to an error if using Oracle Database.

  • Workflow

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12224 - Resolved an 8.0 regression causing child workflow properties to not properly display on Project Properties or Target Properties screens, and potentially their values not apply to workflow executions if the workflow was created or modified after upgrading to 8.0, and using an invoke workflow step. Upgrade to resolves the issue without user intervention. If unable to upgrade to, a workaround is available.

  • Plugin Execution

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11634 - Resolved an issue that caused inputs to appear duplicated on the Plugin Log - Inputs tab when the plugin was executed on multiple endpoints. This was solely a display issue and did not affect plugin execution.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12002 - Resolved an issue where the Plugin Logs - Outputs tab displayed incorrect output values when the plugin was executed on multiple endpoints. Additionally, plugin outputs assigned to workflow variables will now be comma-separated when executed on multiple endpoints.

  • Topology

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12154 - Resolved an issue where the Max Concurrent Execution value on the Endpoint could be set outside the allowed range of 0 to 50 using REST API.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12227 - Resolved an 8.0 regression causing some plugin property sets to display as "Plugin - undefined" in the manage workflow and plugin property sets popup.

  • Work Items

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12003 - Resolved an issue where attachments for external work items occasionally could not be previewed.

  • Release and Pipeline Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12235 - Resolved an issue in the pipeline select dropdown causing the "Loading More..." to be displayed indefinitely in certain cases.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12163 - The create snapshot popup now correctly sorts the full project path column. Previously only the folder path was used and not the project name.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12168 - Resolved an issue where the pipeline step or gate may not properly sequence to the next sequence. This situation can occur when the Copy Pipeline feature is used to make a new pipeline.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12270 - Reduced time delay in the Create Snapshot process when there is an existing build running for snapshot projects.

  • Webhooks

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12306 - Resolved an issue causing the Create Function button to not be clickable on the Incoming Webhooks page.

  • Reports

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11855 - Resolved an issue where standard projects not deployed to the refreshed-from environment were not displayed or synced with a Post Refresh request.

  • Saved Query

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12265 - Resolved an issue causing Saved Query subscription exports of the Environment Discrepancies report to be empty.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12266 - Testing Saved Query subscription exports will now use the info present in the form. Previously only the saved version would be tested

  • Security

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12171 - Resolved an issue where Saved Query and Dashboard shares were removed for Admin Groups when the group was updated.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12250 - The Group Members page now strikes through inactive users. A new column has also been added to the Group Member export "user.memberActive"

  • Various Plugins

    • FLEXDEPLOY-5103 - EBS, File, and Shell plugins now properly handle files checked into SCM with colons in the file names and paths. Windows does not allow a colon in the file name, so this will work for Linux endpoints. Files sourced from Cloud / EBS / OBI and other back-end sources will continue to replace the colon with %3a, which allows those files to work on Windows and Unix endpoints.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12326 - All environment variables are now passed into the context of Shell plugins such as the EBS, Unix, and Windows shell plugins, even if the variables start with the letters "FD."

  • Oracle EBS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12177 - Resolved an issue in versions and of the EBS plugin that prevented proper execution of chmod on deployed ISG files.

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12059 - Resolved an issue where Oracle FSM integration defaulted to Basic Auth even when OAuth was being used.

  • JDBC Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12091 - Resolved an issue that caused an Unsupported Database: error. JDBC plugin now attempts to support any SQL dialect.

  • Oracle Data Integration Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12134 - Resolved an issue where Created By was being reset for ODI 11g deployments.

  • SoapUI Docker Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12324 - Resolved a regression issue for the SoapUI Docker plugin where the location of the SoapUI executable was incorrect.

  • REST Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11999 - Resolved the issue where the REST Plugin failed to create outputs with invalid names caused by header names containing invalid characters.

  • WebLogic Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12253 - WLST operations - Added an input to allow passing in a restricted set of Target Group properties. This will allow customers with a large number of properties to avoid errors about their environment being too large.

FlexDeploy (4-27-2024)

Application Updates


  • FLEXDEPLOY-4296 - Email Settings now allows using Microsoft Graph APIs for sending and reading approval emails.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-5709, FLEXDEPLOY-6719 - FlexDeploy now has two default dashboards for Developers and Leaders. These new dashboards can be further managed by the owner, who will be an admin user randomly selected from existing users. These dashboards are added as a starting point for users upgrading from FlexDeploy 5.7 or earlier.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-7572 - A copy code button has been added for Testing and Credential Store instances to allow for a copy of the Property Key code.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-9147 - Revived the traffic light concept on the target screen. Targets are color-coded for quick reference of their configuration status.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11685 - Add Tag action has been added on the Environments page.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11687 - Added the ability to filter the "Last Login On" column by date on the Users page.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11926 - The ServiceNow CMS instance now renders a Groovy Editor for Approve, Reject, and Additional Info scripts.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11953 - The Target screen will now indicate if any linked endpoints are inactive with a warning message.

Custom Branding

  • FLEXDEPLOY-2527 - A new category has been added for "Display Settings" under System Settings where customers can configure custom branding (header colors, logo) and alert banners. For example,

    • Define your company logo with a link to your intranet on the FlexDeploy header.

    • Different header colors to indicate FlexDeploy stage vs production installations.

    • Add alerts that users see upon login (can be dismissed during the session).


  • FLEXDEPLOY-8812 - Custom icons can now be uploaded and used for Projects. Administrators have access to a separate admin popup where custom icons can be managed.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10390 - Added branch id as a column for the branches table on the Project Configuration -> Source Control page. (column is hidden by default).

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11783 - The Invoke Workflow step in the Workflow Execution details view now displays the version and has a link back to the workflow.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11786 - Flex Fields now uses Field Type (Text Field, Checkbox, etc.) selection instead of Data Type and Sub Data Type.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11916 - Promote to release, rebuild, and edit workflow have all been consolidated to the details header in the Workflow Execution details view.

Release and Pipelines Management

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11663 - An environment filter has been added when adding a new stage to a pipeline.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11668 - Irrelevant Release Settings are now hidden on Standalone Releases


  • FLEXDEPLOY-9957 - The Environments used by Blueprints can now be changed while populating the Blueprint form.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11970 - WebLogic Server/Cluster is now a project-level prompt.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-12042 - v2 REST API for initiating Post Refresh requests is now available.

Groovy Functions

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3943 - FLEXDEPLOY Function now has new methods to manage project properties.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10812 - FLEXDEPLOY function now has new methods to manage Release Work Items.

Isolated Networks

  • FLEXDEPLOY-8056 - FLEXDEPLOY function methods added to allow export of Configuration, Build, and Snapshot archives. These methods can be used to automate the export of necessary files to be transferred from the source to the target server in an isolated network setup.

  • The export and import process is optimized for performance and memory usage.

  • The export and import process now also manages Folder Issue Tracking configurations.

  • Isolated Networks solution now allows managing folder-level notifications, approvals, and windows on the target server.

  • A change history record is now available to indicate the successful import of the export archive.

  • The application error table now indicates failure information if the import of the export archive fails.

  • Release settings can now be managed on target server and they are not imported from source server.

New Plugins

  • Oracle Managed Cloud Plugin

    • Plugin to manage CEMLI objects in Oracle Managed Cloud for EBS.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle EBS Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11680 - Added Target Location attribute for Integrated SOA Gateway object type. Previously files for SOA Gateway object type were not copied to any folder on the EBS file system.

  • Oracle SOA Suite Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11648 - Composite revision previously only allowed numbers in the format of x.x.x.x.x (e.g. This restriction has been removed to allow milestone names or patch numbers in the revision (e.g. or

  • HP UFT Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10834 - The Plugin now allows for capturing screenshots in the reports section.

  • Groovy Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11076 - Resolved an issue where classpath entries were not added properly to the classpath with Java 11+.

  • ServiceNow Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11824 - The ServiceNow Plugin inputs that are not applicable based on the other input values are now hidden, simplifying the configuration.

Resolved Issues

  • General

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11928 - Resolved an issue where SCM commits migration failed when the SCM Integration Instance was inactive.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11985 - Startup scripts now delete xmlparserv2.jar and xmlparserv2_sans_jaxp_services.jar from the libext folder if present as they are not needed and cause runtime issues.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11997 - Resolved an issue with FlexDeploy running on Oracle Database where searching for values with a comma could throw an ORA error. This was a regression in

  • UI/UX

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12001 - Resolved an issue preventing more than 1000 chips from being displayed in a select input.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11850 - Resolved an issue with Target Groups drop downs where Loading more... was displayed even when more data was unavailable.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12113 - Clicking the Select All option in UI select dropdowns will now consider the search filter and only select visible options as opposed to always selecting all available options.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11778 - Popups now ask for confirmation before navigating away using links inside the popup when changes have been made in the popup.

  • Folders

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11647 - Resolved an issue where projects and releases were not viewable from the folder tree view when a user doesn't have read access to the root FlexDeploy folder.

  • Projects

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11714 - The project build sequence can now be set to 0 (previously, the minimum value allowed was 1).

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10625 - Resolved an issue where a user could not run/reject a scheduled task from the project execution task page despite having Scheduled Task update permission.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10728 - Build and deploy action buttons are now hidden for inactive and completed packages.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11580 - Resolved an issue that prevented Project scoped Predeploy Workflow properties from showing up on the Project Properties screen.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11742 - Post-build deployment is now executed as a 'cideploy' user.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11777 - Project Files - Resolved an issue where checkbox type attributes (for custom Project type attributes only) were showing as modified when evaluating if the default value script didn't return true or false.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11844 - Resolved an issue where users without update access could see a confirmation popup when navigating to a page if another user recently toggled a switch value on the page.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11866 - Resolved an issue where duplicate rows were showing up when filtering by status on the project files screen for deploy execution when multiple endpoints were involved.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11913 - Resolved an issue where a 404 page was shown if a user tried opening a workflow they didn't have access to from the Project configuration page. The workflow links are now disabled if a user doesn't have read access to them.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12149 - Resolved an issue where the Test Name suggestion on the test request form may not provide proper results.

  • Release and Pipelines Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11947 - Resolved an issue where Project triggers for Releases were not updated with correct details when the branch or build environment was updated on the Project/Package within a Release.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11477 - Resolved an issue where invalid cron expressions could be saved on the pipeline definition editor for the Schedule gate/step.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11925 - Resolved an issue causing the Service Now Ticket "Description" field to also update the Step "Description" field in the External Approval Gate configuration.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11735 - Resolved a regression in 8.0 causing Snapshot Content exports to be missing several columns of data.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12000 - Column widths have been adjusted in the Upload Execution Info popup. In addition, the Fixed Layout setting can now be used on the table to allow custom column widths.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12013 - Resolved an issue causing a null pointer error when copying a pipeline if the email data contains null or if the pipeline role permission action is missing.

  • Workflows

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11656 - Delete of a workflow will now show an error if the workflow is used in other active workflows.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11903 - Resolved an issue causing the selected workflow version to show incorrectly if a dirty confirmation was canceled while changing versions.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12012 - Resolved an issue where Workflow Input List Data Groovy script edit may fail with the "already exists in this list" error. Also, List Data Groovy script execution failure is now presented with an error instead of the entire script shown as possible list options.

  • Topology

    • FLEXDEPLOY-9584 - Resolved an issue by displaying a proper error message when attempting to delete a target group that has execution-related data, instead of just showing Internal Error - Constraint violation.

  • Integrations

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12127 - Resolved an issue where Credential Store Integration tabs were not disabled if the user did not have permission to view them.

  • Webhooks

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11785 - Resolved an issue when filtering by empty or not empty for the Resubmitted By column on Webhook Message and Scheduled Event Message tables.

  • Security

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11520 - Resolved an issue (NullPointerException) when username and password are updated simultaneously on the Profile page.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11962 - Resolved an issue where attempting to log in with the wrong password while 2fa is enabled resulted in 2 failed attempts instead of 1.

  • Dashboards

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11909 - Work Item links on the Recent Work Items panel now go to the FlexDeploy Work Item page.

  • Post Refresh Requests

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11853 - Resolved an issue where post-refresh-related workflow requests would not execute right away.

  • Project Type Customization

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11775 - Resolved an issue on the Project Types screen where reordering an attribute above the SOURCE attribute in a custom project type would show an error.

  • Property Definitions

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11856 - Reorganized Workflow Properties, Work Item Fields, and Flex Fields to ensure consistent behavior and placement of input fields.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11856 - Resolved an issue causing Environment selections to jump to the top of the list if selecting multiple.

  • Flex Fields

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11886 - Validation for Integer and Long Flex Field types has been improved.

  • Salesforce

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11978 - Resolved an issue where package file search was not displaying '-meta.xml' files.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11574 - The Add Subcomponents popup now filters out any items recently added to the Package.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11995 - Resolved an issue where a JAXB error occurred when adding a sub-component for Notification Type Config.

  • Change Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10802 - External change manage system ticket descriptions are now updated on internally stored objects, this happens during status polling. This allows for viewing updated descriptions on change tickets.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11976 - Change ticket for FreshService change management system now uses the plain-text description.

  • Tasks

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11888 - Resolved an issue where External Users could not use actions on the Tasks page for Release Snapshot Tasks when they were able to from the Release Dashboard.

  • Reports

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11854 - Resolved an issue on the Environment Discrepancies report causing some rows to appear duplicated.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12062 - Resolved an issue on the Environment Discrepancies report that would undo column changes in certain cases.

  • Purge

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11703 - Resolved a purge-related query issue that ran slowly on Postgres. This should reduce database load.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12076 - Resolved Purge Failure - Numeric Overflow, which could happen with the purge on isolated network target servers.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12078 - Resolved an issue for the purge that affects version to and These versions do not properly purge as much data as they should. The artifact repository and database could be larger than expected. Upgrading to or is recommended to allow the appropriate data to be deleted.


    • FLEXDEPLOY-10849 - Resolved an issue that caused an index out-of-bounds error when attempting to approve a gate with V1 REST and not being a member of any groups.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12155 - The Integration Instance Search API now returns the expected data.

  • Plugin Execution

    • FLEXDEPLOY-8046 - Resolved an issue where plugin logs sometimes printed process output (or error) mixed with the print of the environment variables.

  • Peoplesoft Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11907 - Resolved an issue with the log file name by using the SET LOG statement name for the log file. If not provided, the default file name will be used.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11931 - The source attribute list of value options for Datamover objects now only allows SCM.

  • Oracle SaaS FSM Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11943 - Resolved NullPointerException during discover files operation for the Oracle SaaS FSM Project.

  • Oracle Database Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12094 - Resolved an issue where grants to views would attempt to be created before the views were created.

  • REST Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11792 - Workflow executions will no longer fail if the plugin execution output value is null. The output's value will now be saved as null.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11793 - Resolved a NullPointerException with the REST Plugin. If a REST call made by any of this plugin's operations returns an empty response body, and the plugin input FDR_VALIDATION_SCRIPT is not empty, a NullPointerException will no longer be thrown.

  • Angular Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11861 - Resolved an issue where the buildAngularApp operation resulted in an error if the project path contained a space.

  • Anchore Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11922 - Resolve NullPointerException when FDDKR_INP_REGISTRY_ACCOUNT_CODE is not set.

  • Helm Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11993 - Resolved Helm plugin deployment issue in case the current context in kubeconfig file is different than the target context of deployment.

  • HP UFT Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-12021 - Resolved an issue where the UFT plugin now utilizes logs to find the report output directories. If not found, the default path is considered.

Incompatible Changes

  • FlexDeploy internal API should not be invoked directly from Groovy scripts, and FlexDeploy now prevents such API invocation from Groovy scripts. FLEXDEPLOY function and REST API can be utilized from Groovy script as necessary.

FlexDeploy (3-30-2024)

Application Updates

FlexDeploy marks the completion of Next Generation UI/UX transformation, building on top of 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0. This is focused on Workflow as well as Project Type customization. This is not just about consistent and productive UX changes; many new features are also incorporated.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10239 - Underscores are now escaped in like clauses, so searching for them is possible. Likewise, underscores are no longer wild cards in search.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10206 - Standardized allowed characters in name and code fields throughout FlexDeploy.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11021 - Performance improvement for reading group permission checks. This improves application launch performance.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11180 - Exposed RestFunctions to Issue Tracking System, Change Management System, and Credential Store Provider Groovy API implementation scripts. Additionally, exposed LogFunctions to Credential Store Provider scripts.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11231 - Incoming, Outgoing (webhooks), and Scheduled (events) now have a dedicated FUNCTION_NAME variable that can be used in log functions.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11309 - Download 24 Hours Logs now has an alternate download option that will include 3 thread dumps in the zip archive.

  • FD_WORK_ITEMS variable is now available in workflow execution which contains a comma-separated list of work items being built or deployed as part of the build or deploy workflow respectively. This is the same as the FD_ITS_TICKETS variable.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11412 - Recently used Project Branches will now be remembered and suggested at the top of drop-downs.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11412 - A new user setting has been added "Default Branch Sorting" that allows sorting Branch selects by updated date instead of alphabetically.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11506 - New outgoing webhook events have been added - Pipeline Version Activated and Workflow Version Activated.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-11605 - Upgraded Tomcat to 9.0.87 to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2024-24549 and CVE-2024-23672.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-7790 - Updated Cucumber plugin to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2022-31129, CVE-2017-18214, CVE-2022-24785, CVE-2020-11022, CVE-2020-23064, and CVE-2023-22467.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-7800 - Resolved vulnerability CVE-2019-10172 for Siebel, Salesforce, ApexSec, Oracle Forms, Cucumber, EBS, Oracle BI, JUnit, Tricentis Tosca, and Automation Anywhere plugins.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10898 - Resolved vulnerability CVE-2020-15250 for FlexDeploy by updating the version of JUnit.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11326 - Updated commons compress in various plugins and FlexDeploy to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2024-26308 and CVE-2024-25710.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11327 - Updated Jackson Databind in various plugins and the FlexDeploy application to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-35116.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11330 - Updated the PostgreSQL JDBC driver to a newer version to resolve vulnerability CVE-2024-1597.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11369 - Upgraded com.nimbusds:oauth2-oidc-sdk to 8.36.2 to resolve SNYK-JAVA-COMNIMBUSDS-1243767.

Next Generation UI/UX

  • Modern look and feel with new branding is now extended to Workflows and Project Type customization screens.

  • Tables on various screens now support simple search (ctrl+ k), which can quickly filter results.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10533 - Admin Operations now display as tabs across the top of the page instead of an operation select drop-down.

  • User Profile

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11646 - The default navigation tabs for Projects and Releases have been changed to All instead of Favorites.

Workflow Management

  • FlexDeploy 8.0 delivers a new workflow designer that simplifies and modernizes the management of workflows.

  • Workflows can be searched using Global Search. Recent workflows will also show up when Global Search is invoked.

  • Tags can now be applied to Workflows.

  • Workflow security permissions can now be overridden at individual workflow levels to allow for finer-grained access to workflow management when necessary. Additionally, Bulk Update Permissions is available to simplify the update of permissions on more than one workflow.

  • Copy and Delete Workflow action is now available.

  • The workflow code is now stored as YAML. For customers upgrading from the previous version of FlexDeploy, workflow XML code will be automatically migrated to YAML.

  • Workflow Inputs now support values larger than 4000 bytes.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10433 - List Data fields for Property definition now support more than 4000 characters.

  • Workflow Inputs can now be hidden or disabled conditionally even based on values in other inputs. Additionally, a list of values for input can be derived using Groovy script execution.

  • Workflow changes are now captured for the Change History Report.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10831 - Variable FDBLD_SCM_SOURCE1_CHANGES has been removed from the workflow editor suggestions, previous usages resulted in an error saying the variable does not exist.

  • Workflow Designer

    • Workflow steps can now be dragged to a new location.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-2282 - Raise Fault operation now supports Groovy script for the name and details of the fault.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-6334 - Wait operation now supports Groovy script for wait interval.

    • Workflow version notes can now be added with version to document change details.

    • When working with Groovy, Shell, Batch, Jython, Python, or PowerShell plugins, syntax highlighting and variable assistance are available in script input. This simplifies the modification of script code in the workflow.

    • The error handler is now available in workflow designer to customize the handling of failure situations.

    • Run Groovy operation is now available to execute Groovy script directly as part of workflow execution.

Project Types

  • The rich code editor is provided for the customization of built-in project types where users can customize how files are categorized into file types as well as their default attribute values.

  • The project type determines the file types expected to be sourced in the project and the details collected for each file, which is used to build and deploy the file. See Project Types to create custom project types with various file types and their attributes. Custom project type is very useful with various generic plugin operations (Unix & Windows Shell, Jython, Groovy and Python, etc.), where you can create powerful custom Package-based Build and Deploy automation.

Saved Query

  • Saved Queries can now be shared with groups or globally. Only the original query owner can edit the query but shared users can still view it and receive subscription notifications

  • Additionally, Saved Queries now supports scheduled exports (Subscriptions) in either PDF or CSV format.

    • Enabling subscription means the saved query will execute on a specific schedule and generate a CSV or PDF report, which will then be emailed to users that subscribe to the specific saved query.

    • Subscription is enabled by saved query owner which requires setting of format and schedule. Other users who share specific saved queries can subscribe to receive emails.

    • This is supported mainly for Reports, but expect more to be added in the future. For example, users can now enable subscriptions to receive emails of the previous month’s deployment details.

Release and Pipeline Management

  • FLEXDEPLOY-10165 - Copy Pipeline action is now available, where the user can copy the active version of an existing pipeline.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11337 - Promoting a Project build to a Release now includes a link to the snapshot in the post-promotion snack message.


  • FLEXDEPLOY-10936 - The Sequence All action has been incorporated into Salesforce Data Deployment, facilitating automatic sorting of data objects according to their dependencies.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11198 - Enhanced exclude filters in Salesforce deployment projects now allow for filtering both Objects and Members more effectively.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11395 - Updated the default Salesforce API Version to 59.0.


  • SAP release change request operation enhanced to extract the data files and co-files from the trans directory (FDSAP_TRANS_DIR). Import operation enhanced to transfer the files to the trans folder.

  • Enhancements have been made to SAP deployments to support deployment of Java objects to the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

Application Errors View

  • Application Errors view is now provided on the Admin Operations page. This is only accessible to Administrators. This page will show System errors. Administrators can create saved queries and subscribe for email notifications. As such errors are happening in background processing, they may go unnoticed, it is recommended that Administrators subscribe for updates using saved queries. These errors are included in the 24-hour logs download.

Plugin Updates

  • Docker Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-6064 - Added a new operation to pull an image from a remote Docker container registry e.g. Docker Hub, Amazon ECR, or Microsoft ACR. User can pull the image with one or more tags.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10745 - Added new input Target Tag Name in the tagImage operation, and it's mandatory input.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10745 - Updated the order of precedence for 'Docker Registry Account'. Now Plugin input (FDDKR_INP_REGISTRY_ACCOUNT_CODE) will take precedence over Target property (FDDKR_REGISTRY_ACCOUNT_CODE), it's applicable for all the operations of the Docker plugin, wherever 'Docker Registry Account' is in use.

  • Kubernetes Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11441 - Kubernetes Plugin now supports manifest file-based deployment to OCI (Oracle Cloud) managed Kubernetes cluster.

  • Helm Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11443 - Helm Plugin now supports Helm Chart-based deployment to OCI (Oracle Cloud) managed Kubernetes cluster.

  • Oracle BI Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-6388 - Added Java 11 compatibility.

  • Oracle Transaction BI Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-6388 - Added Java 11 compatibility.

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-6388 - Added Java 11 compatibility.

  • Jython Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11779 - executeCode and executeCodeFile operations now can be used with Packaged-based projects.

Resolved Issues

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11505 - Resolved Artifactory Integration Test Connection to work with users that have only repository access.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-11637 - Resolved an issue where EMAIL function usage in Groovy script causes Internal Error - Invalid API Invocation, transaction already in progress. Found: API Transaction.

  • Salesforce

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11744 - Resolved an issue where the Salesforce Deployment summary shows 1 test success even though no test cases were executed.

  • Folders

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11868 - Resolved an issue where the Delete of folder notification was incorrectly checking update permission instead of delete.

  • Projects

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11097 - Fixed a rare issue that would sometimes cause a Utility Request form to not display newly created environments without a screen refresh.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11438 - Resolved an issue causing table filters to not apply on both the execution tasks tab and request tasks tab.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11475 - Resolved an issue causing the selected Pre-deploy workflow to not be displayed on the Project configuration if the user did not have READ Workflow access.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11540 - ITS, Branches, and Replacements no longer show as valid copy project options when copying a Utility Project.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11613 - Resolved an issue causing the committed user filter to not work on the execution files tab.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11771 - Resolved an issue on the Execution Details page that would cause the header status to not refresh if it was in Queued status.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11799 - All inputs will now be shown in the Invoke Workflow step in the Project Execution Details view. Previously only inputs with a value were shown.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11817 - Resolved a NullPointerException that could occur when creating a project from a blueprint in some cases.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11859 - Unassigning a workflow from a project without assigning a new one would not remove the workflow property set from the Target Group configured on the project.

  • Project Package

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11411 - The Sequence All Files action is now disabled for dynamic packages.

  • Project Triggers

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10874 - Resolved an issue that would rarely cause the 'Upcoming project execution date' to be in the past.

  • Topology

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11344 - Inactivating or Activating a Target Group from the list page will now correctly remove it from the list if it no longer matches the active/inactive filter.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11676 - Resolved an issue where the User with Delete endpoint permission is getting an error - User does not have delete permission for Endpoint.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11713 - A more accurate error message is now displayed when trying to delete an Environment that has been used in Workflow Requests.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11727 - Target groups now get added to recent access when clicking on the row instead of opening the edit popup.

  • Release and Pipeline Management

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11104 - The "Differences Only" checkbox, found on snapshot comparisons and gate details, logic has been adjusted to more accurately show what will be deployed.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11311 - Configuring the Pipeline on a Release required both Configure Pipeline permission and Read Pipeline global permission. For 8.0 the Read Pipeline global permission requirement has been removed.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11494 - Copy stage gates/steps are now disabled if the stage has no gates or steps.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11568 - Resolved an issue causing Gate and Step execution positions to potentially display in random order.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11600 - Resolved an issue in the create snapshot popup where clicking the pending snapshot link would not open in certain cases.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11746 - FLEXDEPLOY.createReleaseProject now clearly indicates whether the Package is not found or is inactive.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11767 - Resolved a NullPointerException in Wait Step when a valid wait seconds value is returned but as Long or String data type.

  • Groovy

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11759 - Resolved an issue with the groovy formatter that would incorrectly put a space between the != operator.

  • Notification Templates

    • FLEXDEPLOY-9821 - Resolved an issue causing the Notification Templates List page to not refresh when re-assigning events or creating new templates.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11869 - Copy Notification Template is now hidden if the user does not have Create permission.

  • Integrations

    • FLEXDEPLOY-10649 - Resolved a regression issue where out-of-the-box Change Management Systems no longer allowed adding custom Ticket Fields.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11527 - Resolved a NullPointerException that occurred during the test connection for OCI Cloud Account when the private key file format was invalid.

  • Webhook

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11248 - Resolved an issue where the actor was being set incorrectly on Outgoing Webhook Messages for multiple event types.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11249 - Resolved an issue that caused outgoing and incoming webhook log messages to not refresh.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11781 - A few missing fields in outgoing webhook payloads have been added. Notably pipelineExecutionId from the Pipeline Stage Completed event and snapshot.createdBy and snapshot.createdOn in the Snapshot Completed event.

  • Groups

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11523 - Resolved an issue while adding group members. If a new user was created from the drop-down it would be selected.

  • WebLogic Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11590 - Resolved an issue in the WebLogic restart domain operation that caused excluded servers to be restarted as though not in the list when multiple comma-separated server names were provided.

  • Subversion Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11660 - Resolved an issue with the Subversion plugin Tag operation where Tag Path input would cause a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if it did not end with '/'.

  • SonarQube Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11683 - startSonarScan operation will no longer generate scan results. To generate scan results use analyzeCode or retrieveScan operations.

  • PMD Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11684 - Rule File Name as input or project property will correctly work when the path contains spaces.

  • Checkmarx Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11689 - Resolved an issue where Scan Results were generated only when an XML report was requested.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11766 - Resolved an issue where Failed scan can result in “JSONObject["details"] is not a string”.

  • HP Test Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11732 - Resolved an issue in executeUFT operation where Application Path was still required even when VB Script was being passed in.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11751 - Resolved an issue where executeUFT operation would fail if the VB Script path contained a space.

  • Microsoft Teams Plugin

    • FLEXDEPLOY-11782 - For userSendNotifcation and teamSendNotification operation an appropriate validation error is thrown if the password grant type is not set on the Messaging Account.

Incompatible Changes


  • FlexDeploy Installer 1.0.18 or later should be used with FlexDeploy 8 upgrades.

  • The path of external jars (besides Oracle database driver jars) has changed from FLEXDEPLOY_HOME/apache-tomcat-flexdeploy/libext to FLEXDEPLOY_HOME/apiext.


  • applications attribute has been removed from response data for /v1/folder API. Use subFolders attribute instead. The application concept was previously removed with FlexDeploy 6.0.

  • requestAllFiles query parameter is no longer valid for GET - v1/project/{projectid}/version and it should be ignored in Response data as well.

  • folderRequestId and folderVersionId attributes have been removed from response data for GET- /v1/workflowrequest/{workflowRequestId} API, as the Application concept was previously removed with FlexDeploy 6.0.

  • As indicated on FlexDeploy 7.0 Release Notes, the following APIs have been removed.

    • RestTestingToolServices - v1/administration/testautomation/testingtool

    • RestChangeManagementSystemServices - v1/administration/changemanagementsystem

    • RestIssueTrackingSystemServices - v1/administration/issuetrackingsystem

    • RestPluginServices - v1/administration/plugins

    • RestResourceTypeServices - v1/administration/resourcetypes

    • RestEndPointServices - v1/topology/endpoint

    • RestEnvironmentServices - v1/topology/environment

    • RestInstanceServices - v1/topology/instance

    • RestWorkflowPropertyServices - v1/workflows/{workflowId}/properties

    • RestWorkflowServices - v1/workflows

    • RestSCMDefinitionServices - v1/scm/definition


  • Blueprints and all of the blueprint dependencies are now created as a single unit. As a result the final blueprints confirmation popup now takes a folder path directly instead of the Folder select. The folder path will be created if it does not exist. This is similar to how blueprints worked before 6.0.


  • The workflow group and subgroup have been removed and migrated to tags associated with the workflow. Certain groups and subgroups, such as Build, Deploy, and Test, were omitted when converting to tags.

  • The Workflows URL has changed from /flexdeploy/faces/workflows to /flexdeploy/next/#/workflows

ProjectTypeEnum Removal

  • The ProjectTypeEnum has been removed due to the addition of custom project types. Any usage of ProjectTypeEnum in custom Groovy scripts will no longer work and should be replaced with String. The following methods have been removed completely and should be replaced with getProjectType (returns String):

    • ProjectStageExecutionImpl - getProjectTypeEnum()

    • ReleaseProjectVersion - getProjectTypeEnum()


You must upgrade your HTTPS agent(s) to version 8.0.


Previously installed plugins will be removed and newer versions will be installed during the upgrade process. Note that previous versions of plugins are not compatible with FlexDeploy 8.0.

The following plugins were previously deprecated and are now removed.

The following macros are not currently supported in the footer:
  • style