Value Stream Metrics

Value Stream Metrics allow you to measure and improve your software development and delivery processes.

Value Stream Metrics, VSM for short, track the performance of your software development processes, allowing you to find opportunities for improvement and measure results.

FlexDeploy has two primary means of displaying Value Stream Metrics:

  1. FlexDeploy Dashboards

    • Fully customizable and shareable

  2. Insights

    • Project specific, not customizable

Dora Metrics

Dora Metrics are widely recognized as the leading metric set to track for measuring Value Stream and consists of 4 primary metrics.

Deployment Frequency

Measures the frequency at which Deployments are done to a given environment, typically Production environments.

The Deployment Frequency Dashboard Panel measures Deployments to any Environment within FlexDeploy given a Range Start and Interval Window.

Single Production Environment
Multiple Series

If multiple Production Environments exist, you can configure multiple series. This behavior is available on all VSM Dashboard Panels.

Multiple Production Environments

Lead Time For Changes

Lead Time For Changes tracks time from code commit until that code is deployed to an environment, typically Production. Measurement of Lead Time For Changes is available in both Dashboards and Project Insights.

The Lead Time - Changes Panel measures average days from a commit to code deployment to any Environment within FlexDeploy given a Range Start and Interval Window.

Lead Time For Issues

While not an official Dora metric, FlexDeploy does support Lead Time for Issues which is similar to Lead Time for Changes but measures Issue creation until deployment.

Change Failure Rate

Change Failure Rate indicates how often code deployments lead to errors in an otherwise stable Environment. This metric is supported via the Deployment Success Panel, available in a Gauge or Chart.

Mean Time to Recovery

Mean Time to Recovery measures the time between a service outage (caused by code deployment) until its ultimate resolution. At this time this metric is not available to be tracked in FlexDeploy but is on the roadmap.

Other Metrics

While Dora Metrics are limited to the aforementioned 4 above, FlexDeploy does offer a range of other Value Stream Metrics to track.

Commits By User

A tree map that measures the most frequent committers in your organization.

Deployment Duration

Deployment Duration measures the average time, in seconds, of Deployment Executions in FlexDeploy.

Scan Results

Tracks the number of vulnerabilities, by severity, across code scans run.

Test Results

Test Results track the number of test cases executed in FlexDeploy. It can further filtered by Environment, Project, Test Status and more.


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