Project Workflow Request


The Tasks tab provides a list of the tasks associated to the request, which are either in pending or have completed. These tasks come from either Windows or Approvals configured on the parent application or a parent folder. Each item in the list allows for visibility into whether the request is waiting on a human action (and who it's waiting on) or a specific time frame, to complete begin the execution.



The Artifacts tab identifies the artifacts that were produced by a build workflow and are being used in the deploy workflow. This tab will be empty for a build request, since the artifact isn't create until after the execution is completed.

Artifacts can be viewed on the build execution or any associated deployment request or execution. You can view the files and download all the artifacts as ZIP file or individual artifacts.



The Files tab lists the details for the Partial Deployment. This tab is only visible for Partial Deployment Build or Deploy request.

Files tab displays list of files that are to be built or deployed by this workflow request. Seq Num column indicates the order the files will subsequently be deployed. The SCM Revision is the revision of that file in this build, derived from the associated SCM. 

The list can be filtered by entering a search string and clicking Filter button, search is done against data in File Name column. You can also see SCM commit details on this table.

Click the Back button to return to the project's workflow execution screen.

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