Posts an attachment to a Slack workspace. This operation can either post an attachment as a new message or reply/start a thread on a previous message.

All Slack operations require a Slack Messaging Account.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription

Project Properties

Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription


Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
FDSLACK_INP_CLOUD_ACCT_CODEYesSlack account code from Topology->Integrations->Messaging 
Channel Name or IdFDSLACK_INP_CHANNELYesName or Id of channel that the notification will be sent. For example, "random". Use user channel Id to send direct messages (String)
FDSLACK_INP_ATTACHMENTYesThe file location of the attachment to upload
CommentFDSLACK_INP_ATTACHMENT_COMMENTNoA simple message/comment to appear as a heading for the attachment
Thread TSFDSLACK_INP_THREAD_TSNoAn optional Slack message id to use. Set this id if you want to add this attachment as a reply on a previous message.


Output NameDescription
FDSLACK_OUT_MESSAGE_TSResulting Slack Message Id (TS id) of the newly created message. This can be used start or reply to threads.


This operation delegates the consume artifacts decision to the workflow developer.

Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates the selection to the workflow developer to determine.

Endpoint Execution 

This operations delegates the execution to the workflow developer to decide

Special Considerations

Below is an example of posting an attachment to the flexdeploy-demo channel

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