Environment History Report

The Environment History report tracks the history of all executions across the topology of environments and instances. This report is useful for troubleshooting and getting an overview of all activity in FlexDeploy over time.

To save any filters, sorting, and column changes you have applied to the report, see Saved Queries.

Table Details

Release and Snapshot

  • Present if deployment was done using Release

Change Ticket

  • Present if Change Management System integration is used for deployments and change ticket is associated to the deployment.

Issue Number

  • Present if Issue Tracking System integration is used and build captured issue number(s).

Show File Details

  • File-level details for partial deployment projects is only shown if Show File Details is checked. Otherwise, package-level activities are displayed.

Sequence Number

  • References the execution order of the file in the given package. Only shown if Show File Details is checked. For all files partial deployment, sequence number will be empty.

File Path, Package Status, File SCM Revision

  • Present if Show File Details is checked

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