Java Application for Tomcat


You have a Java application that is built with Maven and the source code is managed in a GIT repository. The goal of this tutorial is to automate the build and deployment across multiple environments. This automation will include:

  • Cloning the Java application code from a GIT repository
  • Compiling and packaging the application into a WAR file
  • Deploying the WAR file to Tomcat servers in multiple environments

We will walk through each of the FlexDeploy features that will be created/configured to accomplish this goal and have the application deployed in a very short amount of time.

The tutorial does not cover every feature or configuration option available in FlexDeploy.

Docker Image

A Docker image containing a fully configured FlexDeploy instance for this tutorial is available hereBe sure to select the appropriate tag based the version of the tutorial.  This image includes FlexDeploy running on Tomcat and an Oracle XE database with the completed configuration described in this tutorial.  The configuration is pointing to private endpoints which you will not have access to.  You can review the configuration without executing, or use the tutorial as a reference to configure endpoints pointing to your own instances.

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