Capture logs for memory issue


If FlexDeploy is responding very slow due to memory issues, provide following details to support team.


See details below on what is needed by support team.

  • ​Provide exact FlexDeploy version.

  • Indicate application server type - Tomcat or WebLogic.

  • Provide all server logs including flexdeploy, gc and out files.

  • Provide output of following 3 commands.

ps -ef | grep java sar free -m
  • Generate heap dump - use command shown below.

jmap -dump:file=/var/tmp/heapdump <pid>
  • Provide three thread dumps - 10 seconds apart (change # to 1, 2, 3 in command shown below)

jstack -l <pid> > /var/tmp/threaddump_#.txt

Support team will provide location where heap dump files can be uploaded.

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