Capture logs for slow response


If FlexDeploy is responding very slow, provide following details to support team


See details below.

  1. Provide exact time of issue.

  2. Explain issue in detail including screen shots.

  3. Provide output of sar and free -m commands on FlexDeploy server.

  4. Capture server logs including .out files, flexdeploy*log files, gc logs.

  5. Capture thread dumps and include it with other details.

# First find process id by using ps command, for example ps -ef | grep java # Locate JAVA_HOME and cd to execute jstack cd $JAVA_HOME/bin # Take 5 thread dumps each 10 seconds apart. See below, where # will be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ./jstack -l <pid> > /var/tmp/threaddump_#.txt # if jstack does not work, use kill -3 <pid> to get thread dumps.

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