Creating/Editing a Test Instance

To create a test Instance, select the Testing tab, and click thebutton. To edit an existing Instance, click on an Instance row from the list.

Enter values for the fields as described in the table below.

Field Name



Instance Code


Short name for the Instance.

Instance Name


Long display name for the Instance.

Testing Tool


The testing tool that will be run on this test Instance.



A description of the Instance.



Whether or not the Instance is active in the system. Defaults to "Yes".

If the selected testing tool has any properties defined, then you must set up values for those properties as well.

Click the Environments tab to associate Environments to this Instance.

Click and drag Environments from the list on the right pane to the main pane to associate them to this Instance. To disassociate Environments from the Instance, drag them back from the main pane to the list on the right. If you already associated the Instance to one or more Environments using the Environment Wizard you will notice that the association is already created.

Click the Save button to save the changes.Optionally click the Apply button to save the changes, but remain on the current screen until the Cancel button is clicked.

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