Properties are an integral component to FlexDeploy, which allow Plugins and Workflows to be customized and parameterized to support very flexible build and deployment needs. Property definitions are provided by Plugins or Workflows, and their values are specified on associated Instances, Environment Instances, or Projects depending on the defined scope.

Property Scope

All properties are defined with either an Environment Instance, Instance or Project scope.

  • The Environment Instance scope is appropriate for those properties which will vary by Environment for each Instance, but will be shared across all projects using a particular plugin or workflow.
  • The Instance scope is appropriate for those properties which are specific for an Instance, but will be shared across all Projects and Environments using that Instance. These are usually found on SCM instances, Test Instances, and Issue Tracking System Instances.
  • The Project scope is appropriate when properties values will vary by project.

The Plugin or Workflow will determine the scope for each property it defines. However, any Environment-Instance-scoped property can be overridden at the Project level if necessary.

Maintain Properties

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