External Approval Gate

The External Approval gate creates a task for the assigned group, links it to the Change Management System configured on the release, and blocks until the change ticket attached to the pipeline execution is approved or rejected.



Gate Name

The name of the gate.

DescriptionAn optional description for the gate.

Approval Role

The pipeline role which which is allowed to approve or reject the gate in FlexDeploy, outside of the Chanage Management System.  Provides mitigation in event that CMS is unavailable for any reason.


An optional Groovy script which determines whether the gate or step is applicable during execution. The script has access to variables and methods listed in Pipeline Groovy Variables and Methods. You can find these variables methods using Variable Lookup help.

The script must return true if the gate is applicable, or false otherwise.  If no script is provided, the default is to return true (applicable).

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