Creating/Editing an Approval

Select Projects from the menu.

Double-click on an existing folder or application and click on the Configure tab.

Click the Create->Approval button to create a new (internal) approval, or to edit an existing approval, select the approval and click the Edit button.

Select the Environment, and shuttle one or more Groups to the right who must approve deployment requests to that environment.  Click the Save button to save the changes.

When a deployment is submitted for an application or project, an approval task will be generated for every selected group.  All users in a single group share the same task,  if one user approves it, the task is approved.  One user from every selected group must approve the request for it to be approved. 

See Also

     Security - for details on creating and managing groups. Click the 

     Approval Tasks - for details on approving tasks generated from this configuration.

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