FlexDeploy - SoapUI Plugin Guide

The SoapUI plugin provides a means to run SoapUI test suites and load tests defined in SoapUI project files. The entire project must be present, not just an exported test. It must contain one or more test suites, with one or more tests cases or load tests.

Supported Versions

The SoapUI plugin has been tested with SoapUI version 5.1.3, 5.2.0, and 5.2.1 running on Windows and Linux Endpoints. Testrunner runs best with version 5.1.3, but the test results will be identical across the versions of SoapUI. SoapUI Pro is not required.

SoapUI should be run manually at least once on the endpoint before running it with the plugin. This is necessary to choose whether or not to accept sending usage information to the developers. If you don't run it once first, the plugin operations will hang. This indicates the need to run it manually.

Key Features

  • Use existing SoapUI test suites and load tests
  • Easy configuration 
  • Aggregates test results for each execution

Plugin Operations

Special considerations

Make sure to Disable Usage Statistics as shown below on SoapUI installation.

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