FlexDeploy - PMD Plugin Guide

A plugin to manage PMD static code analysis. This plugin allows a user to run PMD scans on source code which generates reports for common programming flaws, code smells, vulnerabilities, etc. Analyzing source code is a multi-step process when done manually or using PMD CLI. Hence often prone to human error. FlexDeploy's PMD plugin provides a simple and effective way to automate the source code analysis with just a few configurations/steps. It can then be used as a step before building artifacts in your Build workflow. Or you can use create a utility to execute frequently. You can also add a quality gate in your pipeline, to enforce standards.

Supported Version

  • PMD 6.0+

  • A minimum of Java 8 must be used on the endpoint.

Key Features

  • Easily configured by using PMD default rules.

  • Supports custom rules.

    • Supports custom rule files as part of your source code repository

  • Supports execution of multiple rule files and multiple rule set types.

  • Integrate scan results into your FlexDeploy.

  • Provided browsable link to full PMD analysis after running operation.

  • Provided support for Apex, Java, HTML, XML, XSL, PLSQL, JavaScript, JSP, Salesforce VisualForce, Maven POM, Modelica, VM

  • Supports Continous Integration

  • Review scan results in FlexDeploy with links to rules and how to fix them. Use counts (Critical, High, etc) in automated gates to reject builds to ensure the quality of your build artifacts and source code.

Plugin Operations


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