Creating Projects

Select Projects from the menu.

Right-click on an existing application and select Create Project.

Enter the values for the fields as described in the table below.






The name of the owning application (read-only).

Project Name


The name of the project.



A description of the project.



Classification group of the Project. This will determine what functionality and tabs are available to your Project.

PriorityYesProvides a mechanism for establishing dependencies between projects at deployment time. When multiple deployments are queued they will be processed in order of priority (lowest priority takes precedence).

Project Type


If the Classification is Partial Deployments, the project type identifies which type of objects are being moved. The supported project types are:

  • Oracle APEX
  • EBS (Oracle E-Business Suite)
  • Oracle BI (formerly Oracle Business Intelligence pre-
  • Oracle BI 2.0
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle MDS
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer
  • Oracle SaaS FSM
  • Oracle CPQ
  • File
  • JDBC
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Generic

See related plugin guide for additional details on each project type.

Click the OK button to save the changes.

Partial Deployments are used when configuring projects with the capability to pick and choose individual files at build-time, assembling them into packages. These packages can then be deployed to one or more instances and environments.

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