Current Activity

The Current Activity tab displays the activity throughout the system that is presently occurring, recently occurred, or will occur in the new future. There are links to the different objects associated to the events that can be clicked, which with navigate you to the appropriate pages. This page has an automatic refresh feature, such that it displays up to date information in near real-time.


Current Activities

The Current Activities section displays any build or deployment that is currently running in the system. The smiley face on the left of the row represents the success rate of that project. This section also displays the last execution performed for that project, for comparison. The project and application links in this section can be clicked to navigate to the Project Explorer page and open the respective object within a tab.


Recent Activities

The Recent Activities section shows the last five executions (build or deploy) that occurred throughout the system. The project and execution id links can be clicked to navigate to the Project Explorer page and open the project or logs, respectively. Clicking the environment or instance links will also redirect to their respective pages.


Coming Soon

The Coming Soon section displays the next five executions (build or deploy) scheduled to occur across the system. These events can be either a scheduled task from a user deployment, or an upcoming event triggered by continuous integration. The project and environment links here can be clicked to navigate to their appropriate screens.

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