Human Tasks

When a release has a Human Task step that is waiting on an action, a defined person or persons must complete a task before the release can continue to the next step. In such cases, the approving persons are notified via email that they have a pending human task. These users may access the Human Tasks screen in FlexDeploy by selecting Tasks -> Human Tasks from the menu or through the release dashboard.

Members of the FD Administrators group can also complete or assign all human tasks.

Clicking the green person icon with a check will complete the task. Clicking the Orange person icon with the plus button will assign the task to the current user for completion. 

When a release or project executes Pre-deploy, the workflow can create one ore more Review tasks for specfic FlexDeploy group. These Review tasks will appear as Human Tasks in this screen as well as persons are notified via email that they have a pending human task.. The intent is to review the output of the Pre-deploy execution by clicking the project name link in the Review column. This will show the workflow execution details, reviewer should click the Reports tab for any output from the Pre-deploy execution. Once reviewed, come back to Human Tasks screen to approve by clicking the green thumps up icon or reject by clicking the red thumps down icon.

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