Installation Instructions - Terraform

We provide Terraform scripts that can be used to install FlexDeploy for you. Currently, the script mostly works with Linux. This does not mean you can’t run the script on Windows (you can) however the script must run against a Linux instance to have full functionality. So if you are running it against the local instance you will need to be running on Linux. You can also run the script against a local windows instance. Remote windows instances are currently not supported.

3 Cloud platforms are supported: AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI)

Database supports Postgres and Oracle

System Requirements

  • Terraform should install in your local environment to run the terraform script, Download and installation Terraform, instructions are located here.

  • Inputs can be supplied using any of the methods supported by Terraform. However, we recommend using the .tfvars method.

If you want to use the Oracle database, you need to have both the ojdbc8-full.tar.gz and files located in a folder called software in the root directory of the script. ojdbc drivers are version 8. Database install is Oracle 19.3, Linux x64 version.


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