Property Replacement Support

Your source files can be configured with a Replacement Property, which are then replaced (using Plugin operations) with target deployment environment properties. 
Replacement properties are defined by using following syntax within your artifacts:

  • ${{PROPERTY_NAME}} for project properties or current instance properties.
  • ${{INSTANCE:PROPERTY_NAME}} for specific instance properties.

Property names can be any property that is defined in this guide.

With this one-time setup, the various plugin operations will utilize the properties that are configured within FlexDeploy and allow deployment to any environment without manual changes to the files each time it is built for a different environment.

For example, 
In this case, FDWLS_WEBLOGIC_HOME from current instance is used for replacement. 
In this case, FDWLS_WEBLOGIC_HOME from instance defined with ADF1 code is used for replacement.


This url would look like this before replacement properties are added:


would look like this after:

The following macros are not currently supported in the footer:
  • style