Email Communications

The Email Communications system settings links FlexDeploy to your email server to enable outbound event notifications, and optional inbound reply processing for approval responses.

Changes in

The Communication Settings have undergone some changes in to provide better support for replying to approval notifications via email.  If you are planning to use that feature, an upgrade to (or higher) is recommended.  For documentation relating to the Email Communication settings for older 5.1 versions, see /wiki/spaces/FD51/pages/1434943511.

SMTP Host Name

Host name of the SMTP server for event notifications.

SMTP Host Port

Host port of the SMTP server for event notifications.

SMTP UserSMTP Authentication user
SMTP PasswordThe SMTP User's password
SMTP From AddressAddress from which all outbound emails are sent
Enable TLSIdentifies if the communication channel requires Transport Layer Security (TLS).
Enable Email ApprovalEnable approvals by email reply. Requires IMAP host name/port amd user/password
IMAP Host NameHost name of the IMAP server for inbound email processing.  Required if email approvals are enabled.
IMAP Host PortHost port of the IMAP server for inbound email processing.  Required if email approvals are enabled.
IMAP UserIMAP Authentication user. Defaults to the SMTP User.
IMAP PasswordThe IMAP User's Password. Defaults to the SMTP Password.
Email Reply Folder

The email folder to process replies from. Defaults to INBOX if not specified.  All inbound emails will be sent to default inbox folder, but rules can generally be configured on mail servers to move them to other folders if desired.


All emails from the this folder will be deleted after processing.  Do not use an email account which is used for any other purpose since the emails will be deleted.

Approval Reply Address

Return address for approval replies. Defaults to the SMTP From Address.


The emails are read and processed from this this account, which must be a dedicated inbox and not used for any other purpose.   All emails from the Reply Email Folder in this account will be deleted after processing.  The connection is established to the mail server using the IMAP settings, and therefore, the IMAP user and the Approval Reply address must be linked.  It is possible to utilize an email group/distribution as the reply address, provided the IMAP User is a member of that group.

Email Reply Process IntervalFrequency in which FlexDeploy processes inbound messages from the Email .  Required if email approvals are enabled.  Default value is 5 minutes.  Any change requires a restart of the FlexDeploy server for changes to take effect.
Email Reply Process Count

Number of email messages which are read and processed each interval.  The limit prevents Spam or DoS attacks from impacting the performance of the FlexDeploy server.  Required if email approvals are enabled.  Default value is 30 messages.

Once the configuration is complete, you can test the configuration by clicking on the Test Email Configuration button.

  • Send a test email to the logged in user's email address to validate the SMTP related settings.
  • Reads the inbox of the Approval Reply Address to validate the IMAP related settings.