Editing a Window

Select Projects from the menu.

Double click on an existing folder or application and click on the Configure tab.

Select a window and click the Edit button.

Optionally modify the Environment, Cron Expression or approval Group(s). You may also activate or inactivate the window. Click the Save button to save any changes.

Starting in the 4.6 release, multiple Cron Expressions can be specified using semicolon as a delimeter. For example, 

0 0 11 ? * *;0 0 12 ? * *

is equivalent to

0 0 11-12 ? * *

This allows for Cron Expressions that are scheduled to run on the 2nd and 4th Friday which is not normally possible with Quartz Cron.

A new Admin Screen was added to test expressions in the Administration Menu on the Admin Operations Screen.