Tomcat Instance Creation (Java Tomcat)

Now that we have our build Instance configured, we can set up our Tomcat Instance in much the same way. There can be many different technology instances in a given Environment, we will be creating a single Tomcat technology instance.

Go back to the current list of Technology Instances by selecting Topology from the menu and then selecting Instances from the left menu.

Click on the + in the upper right corner to create and configure a new Technology Instance.  Configure the following:

  1. Instance Code
  2. Instance Name
  3. Deployment Target - On our Tomcat Instance, this will be 'Yes'

Now that we have a Tomcat Instance, we need to select the Environments that the Instance will be available in. Select the Environments tab and drag the Environments where Tomcat is running, created earlier, onto the center pane.

Select the Workflow tab so that we can associate any workflow that will be executed on the Tomcat Instance. This association will automatically discover the plugin operations that will execute on this instance, as well as, determining additional configuration properties that will be configured in the Environment Instance section of the tutorial.

Select the Plugins tab and verify that the appropriate plugin operations are listed.  Select Save.

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