Configure sudo user for Unix Endpoint

FlexDeploy 4.5 supports use of sudo user for Unix Endpoint, but future release will make necessary adjustments to User Interface for easier configurations. Using this approach you can setup Endpoint with user "dan" but eventually sudo to user "oracle".

  1. Set Endpoint user to the service account user. For example, dan.
  2. Set the password for the Endpoint service account user.
  3. Set the Description as follows, where <user> is the user you want to sudo as
    1. runas##sudo -u <user> bash -c
      1. Example - runas##sudo -u oracle bash -c
    2. Make sure not to have any other text in the Description. 
  4. Ensure service account has same primary group as the user being sudoed to. i.e. dan and oracle user in this example should both have same Primary Group.
  5. Add sudoers rule, such that service account can sudo to other user without prompting for a password
    1. Test by executing following from terminal as service account – “sudo -u <user> bash -c whoami”
    2. It should print the run as user name without prompting for a password 
  6. Delete the “Base Directory” on the physical endpoint server, if it was created with different user. FlexDeploy will recreate it on next connection. (Do not skip this step)
  7. Click “Test Connection” on the Endpoint.

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