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FlexDeploy (10-15-2021)

Version Details


  • FLEXDEPLOY-3893 - Fixed an issue with auto upload when upgrading to FlexDeploy 5.6. (ConcurrentModificationException in fireBeforeCommitListeners)
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3887 - Fixed an issue with auto upload when upgrading to FlexDeploy 5.6. (java.lang.NullPointerException at flexagon.fd.model2.api.internal.InvokeMethod.invokeMethod(
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3880 - Security - Patches menu under Administration is hidden if user does not have access, but /patches was still accessible.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3861 - PDF reports now contain report name and date time of export added to top the first page and page numbers at the bottom right of every page.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3716 - Application/Folder configurations for Approval and Window setup has an option for Pre-deploy workflow. Submit deploy window has a separate Pre-deploy start date as well to schedule the workflow execution.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3586 - Added columns Pipeline Name and Snapshot Submitted By in the Environment History and Environment State reports.

Salesforce Integration

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3828 - Granular support is now available for Salesforce Workflows as well. In the Salesforce tab, Workflow Rules from each Workflow are shown and compared separately. The plugin will combine the various rules into their corresponding Workflows during build.

New Plugins

Plugin Updates

  • OTBI Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3914 - Added support for Hyperion Financial Reporting Report.
  • Oracle EBS Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3922 - Skip EBS apps password validation for secondary(DMZ) nodes.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3677 - EBS Server management operations like (Stop All, Start All, stopConcurrentManager, startConcurrentManager, restartConcurrentManager) now will be able to handle multiple EBS instances in the same server.
  • JDBC Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3912 - Added operation to compile invalid objects. This operation provides output indicating how many invalid objects were compiled. See JDBC Compile Invalid for more details.

Resolved Issues

  • Salesforce
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3866 - Salesforce - Package XML wizard giving NullPointerException when no search results found.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3833 - Salesforce - Package XML is generated for full deploy Salesforce projects by the plugin in cases where the file is not present in SCM or when FD_INP_GENERATE_FULL_PACKAGE_XML input is set to true.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3870 - Fixed issue where Salesforce Build and Deploy operation is not using URL configured on account.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3918 - Add File(s) from Change Logs or Revision lookup popup doesn't have correct Author and Committer Email for Git in some situations.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3896 - Property Set API fails with ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3892 - Salesforce - Project Packages tab loading slow when more streams/branches are configured.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3872 - Workflow modified on FlexDeploy version may loose artifacts and / or endpoint specifications.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3794 - Email notifications for Approval Gate and Manual Step with only email id or user id configured in pipeline role, will only send the notifications to the default group if that group is part of the pipeline role.
  • Oracle WebLogic Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3915 - Create EIS operation is not using t3s when Use SSL property is checked.

Platform Updates

  • Removed support for MySQL as the FlexDeploy repository database type.

FlexDeploy (09-12-2021)

Version Details


  • FLEXDEPLOY-3811 - Increased maximum number of revisions fetched for Add File(s) from Change Logs and File Revision Lookup screen(s).
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3800 - Date time values in the v2 REST API now return a formatted string instead of milliseconds. If milliseconds are desired the flexagon.fd.api.datetimemillis system property can be set.
  • Documentation added to enable https for Tomcat installation. See Enabling HTTPS on FlexDeploy (Tomcat).

UX Updates

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3770 - Renaming Saved Queries is now supported.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3756 - Ability to export any report to PDF file. This is supported only when Next Generation Features are enabled.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3760 - Environment History and State reports now can be filtered using (All Files) package name for equals operator.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3759 - Scheduled Task Report - Added search for Status attribute.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3777 - Updated table headings on default notification templates to match event types.
  • Edit Package Screen
    • Packages files can be copied or moved from one package to another in the same project.
    • Revision information can be viewed for an individual file in package. Hyperlinks are also available to files in SCM repository (Git only). Links are for latest or specific commit. This is supported for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Git Repos etc.

Salesforce Integration

  • UI wizard for package objects selection. Salesforce Org Management tab provides an easy way to filter Objects vs changing the xml file in prior releases.

  • New CI trigger to auto-populate Salesforce package metadata. This will help improve performance for Package Object selection screen.

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3605 - Issue with incorrect package xml being generated in package-to-org comparison has been resolved.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3766 - Custom Labels are supported at a more granular level. Each custom label will be a separate file when pull from Salesforce and stored as an individual file in the SCM (GIT repository). This feature can be enabled using the project property 'Granular Salesforce Object Types'.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3754 - Added a continuous integration trigger for populating Salesforce Metadata. This will generate a package.xml and cache it to be used for Salesforce Operations.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3680 - Added a property to ignore files when pulling from Salesforce, populating from SCM, and building full projects with Salesforce.

Issue Tracking System Integration

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3787 - Native integration support with GitHub issue tracking is now available through a Groovy API.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3762 - Native integration support with GitLab issue tracking is now available through a Groovy API.

CyberArk Integration

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3701 - CyberArk HTTP Integration - Add support for PKCS#12 (Encrypted) and PKCS#1 (RSA) formatted private keys.
  • Added documentation for use of certificate based authentication along with support for encrypted private keys.

Single Sign-On and MFA Updates

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3798 - Pac4j, the library used for Single Sign On, has been upgraded to version 4.5.2 to fix compatibility issues observed for SAML integration.
  • Documentation added for SAML Integration support - See Single Sign-On and Multi Factor Authentication.


Plugin Updates

  • Siebel Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3751 - Package zip file generated in the siebelExport step will be available in the transfer directory on the target instance for further processing when incremental migrations are performed.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-3749 - The migration options have been moved from the project properties section to plugin inputs of the siebelBuild operation to enable fine-grained control of each migration execution.

  • utPLSQL Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3691 - runV3 operation now supports new customization options for reporters, mappings, include/exclude objects, etc.. Reporters are now exported to the "reports" tab on the project workflow execution screen.

Resolved Issues

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3816 - Fix to show View Human Task link for manual gate email notification.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3815 - Fixed bug where Updated On value for User record is updated when user logs in and last login value is updated.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3809 - Fix to send an email notification(Pipeline Gate Approval Rejected) when a Manual gate is rejected.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3804 - Fix to display Subject and Body for Approve/Reject through email links.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3772 - Bug fixed where Environment Discrepancies report would sometimes not show environments in the correct sort order.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3757 - Isolated network workflow execution import was failing when input value was empty.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3724 - Administration - Selecting a default type other than Project or Endpoint is throwing ClassCastException.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3661 - When attempting to access a FlexDeploy Next URL, you are now properly redirected to that page after logging in.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3862 - Package build for Git fails to capture commit user email. This can cause missed notification email if Git commit user does not match FlexDeploy username.
  • Blueprints
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3767 - Fixed a bug when creating a new SCM instance through blueprint when there was an existing SCM instance with the same name.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3733 - Added additional inputs when creating an Oracle API and Oracle Integration Cloud account instance on Blueprints.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3732 - Fixed issue that caused the authentication methods list data to show numbers when creating an SVN instance in Blueprints.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3731 - Fixed a bug when creating a new ADF application and Java Application projects, when there was a property does not exist for the project.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-3730 - Fixed a bug when creating a new Windows endpoint through blueprint when there was a default base directory for the UNIX.

    • FLEXDEPLOY-3538 - Fixed error when creating a SCM instance through blueprints when the SCM URL contained non letter/number characters.
  • Docker Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3791 - Fix to apply validation for required plugin inputs for DeployProjectContainer operation.
  • Oracle Data Integrator Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3768 - Maximum number of processes exceeded error was occurring in case of many scenarios on build.

Incompatible Changes

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3797 Webhooks Groovy API - A typo has been corrected on the BuildOptions object in the Webhooks Groovy API. The method withEnvironmentCode is now spelled correctly. The previous name was withEnviromentCode.

FlexDeploy (08-15-2021)

Version Details


  • FLEXDEPLOY-3502- Allow workflow developers to change Endpoint Specification and Artifacts Delivery option for all plugin operations.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3309 - FlexDeploy now allows for configuration of maximum number of snapshots allowed per stage per release. This helps reduce number of active snapshots and thus helps with performance. This value defaults to 10 and can be changed on System Settings.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3629 - Added a new populate trigger to automatically populate a project's files from SCM or Backend system. This trigger also automatically pulls files from Salesforce and uploads them to your SCM repository. This will help customer automate populate operation. Other option would be to use Incoming Webhooks for auto populate from SCM.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3706 - When submitting deployment request with pre-deploy, Start Time is not considered for pre-deploy execution. This allows for pre-deploy to run promptly to finish necessary validation and/or reviews and execute deploy at specified time.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3537 - Integration Property for JIRA ITS renamed from "Jira API Token/Password" to "Jira API Token"

Next Generation Features

FlexDeploy 5.6 is the beginning of a journey to transform to a next generation user experience. With each release you will begin to greater transformation as it becomes more pervasive across FlexDeploy. On the system settings menu you have to option to enable next generation features and user experience (default). When opting in you will see the new user experience in the pages where it is available.

The transformation begins with two areas - Reports and Notification Templates.

There is a heavy investment in a user experience that is loved by our customers. Common themes include:

  • Modern look and feel

  • Responsive UI which supports a multitude of browsers and devices

  • Adherence to UX Standards & Guidelines

  • Table sorting and filtering which is remembered and can be saved by name, shared, and reused

  • URLs that can be bookmarked and shared with other users

  • Full support for browser “Back” button.

  • Consistency across the application

  • Contextual help

  • Rich code editors for html, groovy, and more

Notification Templates

FlexDeploy sends email notifications on various events, and content of these emails was predefined by FlexDeploy application. With 5.6, FlexDeploy introduces Notification Templates, where customers can define content included in emails generated for various events. Notification Templates are based on Apache Velocity template engine, you can copy out of box templates to get started if necessary. Managing templates is done with a rich code editor for ease of use. Notification Templates screens are built-in next generation user interface.

In addition, out of box emails has now more modern look and feel.


  • CI Trigger to pull changes from Salesforce and commit to GIT repository.

OAuth support for SMTP and IMAP

Email Communication now supports Microsoft OAuth in addition to basic authentication.


Version 2 API are now available. We will add API Keys support for this version in future releases. Also, v0 and v1 will eventually be retired.

New Plugins

  • Siebel Plugin - The FlexDeploy Siebel plugin makes it easy to migrate Siebel repository objects from one environment to another.  Migrations can utilize either a full Siebel repository migration or incremental migrations.  This migration provides the same flexibility as the Siebel Migration Tool, enabling automation through FlexDeploy workflows and pipelines. 

Resolved Issues

  • FLEXDEPLOY-3705- Fixed issue where overriding the match script may result in NullPointerException if FILE_CONTENT_NEEDED is not initialized by overridden match script. In such cases, FILE_CONTENT_NEEDED will default to true, but it is best practice to set this in the match script.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3692 - Allow saving files with zero kb in the reports folder.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3633 - Fix for NullPointer issue with Endpoint test connection.
  • FLEXDEPLOY-3392 - Environment Discrepancies Report - PSQLException when only one environment is selected.
  • Salesforce
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3752 - Only show successful package versions for Package - Org comparison.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3725 - When changing selections in the Salesforce project screen the table is refreshed.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3683 - Fixed issues related to added/deleted members not being shown in org-to-org comparison in the Salesforce tab.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3676 - Metadata API is now used to generate the package.xml by FlexDeploy. Type members are populated by default in the package.xml.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3667 - Salesforce Populate will fail as soon as an error is encountered during pull/populate from Salesforce instead of waiting for the completion of service execution.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3645 - Fixed issue with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException being encountered when files with unknown or no extensions are retrieved from a Salesforce org.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3624 - Fixed issue with Email Service type objects.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3588 - Updating instance code results in null pointer when pulling from Salesforce. There are other fixes planned for this in next minor release.
  • Docker Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3704 - Docker repository/image names are now automatically lowercased in the plugin to conform with docker image name requirements.
  • Oracle Forms Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3690 - Fixed issue with environment property replacement for Oracle Forms projects.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3688 - Added property for Oracle Forms deploy operation to specify location of the Oracle Forms scripts.
  • Oracle BI Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3686 OBI Plugin - rpdDeploy operation. Fixed bug where XUDML file password property is getting replaced with the incorrect text when using RPD Config file.
  • Oracle DB Plugin
    • FLEXDEPLOY-2405 - Sequences used to support identity columns are now excluded from the populate and are not included in baselines for the Oracle Database plugin.
    • FLEXDEPLOY-3612 - When selecting inactivate missing objects for the Oracle Database objects will now de-activate the files in FlexDeploy during the populate.

Incompatible Changes

  • Webhook Functions - buildProject and buildPackage signatures have changed for some overloads. The following 4 signatures no longer include pEnvironmentCode, but instead a BuildOptions object.
    • buildProject(Long pStreamId, Long pProjectId, String pEnvironmentCode, PollingResult pPollingResult)
    • buildProject(Long pStreamId, Long pProjectId, String pEnvironmentCode) 
    • buildPackage(Long pStreamId, ProjectPackagePojo projectPackage, String pEnvironmentCode)

    • buildPackage(Long pStreamId, ProjectPackagePojo projectPackage, String pEnvironmentCode, PollingResult pPollingResult)

Recommended Changes

This is just a reminder that plugins are now stored on File System under server working directory, hence if you are configuration active - passive environment, then you must consider this folder during fail over. See FlexDeploy Architecture for more details. Additionally, if you migrating data from Production to Test version of FlexDeploy, consider plugins folder migration as well, see FlexDeploy Clone for details on specific type of migration.

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