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Webhooks can be accessed from Administration → Integrations → Incoming Webhooks. This page will show all the Webhook Functions configured in FlexDeploy.  Webhook Providers can be accessed from the  button on the functions page. Click  to view the results of any received webhooks, or to resubmit them.


Webhooks are processed asynchronously. This means that the service will return a 202 Accepted message before attempting to run the functions that you have written. As of 5.5.2, this can be modified. To have a webhook process Synchronously, and return a 200, 404, or 500 depending on what happens while executing it, send in the Header "flex-sync-webhook" with a value of "true". 

If processing synchronously, a 404 is returned if no function matches and is executed. A 200 will be returned if there is no error while processing any matching functions. A 500 will be returned if any function throws an error.