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Property Name

Property Code



Oracle API Gateway Account



OCI account with all the required properties like Tenancy Id, User OCID, and Private Key, etc.

Oracle API Gateway Replace List



The String and Value to replace in files, formatted as key=value. One pair per line. Lines that begin with '#' will be ignored.

This is useful if you wish to do property replacement on your artifact and don’t want to change the source code to contain property replacement syntax from the beginning.

Code Block
// The key on the left will be replaced with the value on the right${{OIC_SERVICE_URL}}

Add Tags



Add defined tags when an API is created or updated and when an APIDeployment is created or updated. This is used to linked SCM commits and FlexDeploy deploy events to API and APIDeployment creation or updates. Default is true.

The following defined tags will be added on build:

If Add Tags is enabled, and these tags do not exist, FlexDeploy will automatically create the tag namespace (FlexDeploy) and the tags within it.