FlexDeploy 6.5FlexDeploy - Oracle API Gateway Plugin Guide

FlexDeploy - Oracle API Gateway Plugin Guide

The Oracle API Gateway (OAG) plugin provides features to build and deploy Api Specification to various Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancies.

This is an OCI REST based integration, therefore, LOCALHOST endpoint can be used on all targets.


  • Java 8 must be used on the endpoint

  • API Specifications must be sourced from SCM

  • OCI Requirements → https://docs.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/Content/APIGateway/Concepts/apigatewayprerequisites.htm

    • OCI Tenancy

    • Sufficient quota on API Gateway-related resources

    • Within the Tenancy must exist a compartment to own necessary network resources

    • The compartment that owns network resources must contain a VCN, a public or private regional subnet, and other resources

    • The VCN must have a set of DHCP options that includes an appropriate DNS resolver to map host names defined in an API deployment specification to IP addresses.

    • To create API gateways and deploy APIs on them, you must belong to one of the following:

      1. The tenancy's Administrators group.

      2. A group to which policies grant the appropriate permissions on network and API Gateway-related resources. See Create Policies to Control Access to Network and API Gateway-Related Resources.

Key Features

  • API Specification files are sourced from Source Code Repository like Git, Subversion etc.

  • API Specifications can be Swagger UI / Open API 3.x format or the native API Specification defined by Oracle.

  • Build process validates API specification files.

  • Oracle cloud infrastructure connection details stored in FlexDeploy.

  • Package-based approach, customers can pick various API Specifications to deploy.

  • Property replacement for API specification files.

  • Link API resource and API Deployments and FlexDeploy executions together with defined tags.

  • Setup reusable OCI cloud accounts to allow deployment to one or more tenancy and/or region.

Either FDOAG_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE target property value or FDOAG_INP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE plugin input value should be configured. When both are set, the plugin input value will take precedence. See Creating/Editing a Cloud Account and Provider for details on how to setup OCI Cloud Account.

Plugin Operations

Object Type Reference

Cloud Account Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Property Name

Property Code



OCI Tenancy Id



OCI Tenancy Id to use.




The OCID of the user to connect to OCI as.

OCI Private Key



The private key to use for authentication.

OCI Key Fingerprint



The fingerprint of the key pair to use for authentication.

OCI Private Key Passphrase



The passphrase of the private key to use for authentication.

OCI Region



The region where your OCI instance is located. For example: us-phoenix-1

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