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Artifact is a single zip file containing api specification files (JSON or YAML). The specifications contain information about the back-end resources and the methods (for example, GET, PUT, etc..) that can be performed on the each back-end resource.

Target Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Oracle API Gateway Account



OCI account with all the required properties like Tenancy Id, User OCID, and Private Key, etc.

Oracle API Gateway Account will be required on either the plugin input or Target. If a value is set on both then, the plugin input will take precedence.

See Special Considerations below for instructions on how to create an OCI account for Oracle API Gateway.

Compartment Name



The OCI compartment used to validate the api specification. Useful if you build from a different compartment per environment.

Compartment Name is required if Compartment Name on a file level attribute contains property replacement syntax - Property Replacement Support