FlexDeploy - Salesforce Plugin Guide (4.0.3 release)

The Salesforce plugin provides an integration layer between FlexDeploy and Salesforce for building and deploying Salesforce objects. It supports both full and partial deploy. It can source partial builds from an SCM, or from Salesforce orgs and sandboxes. Full Builds are sourced from SCM. Deployments are supported to both orgs and sandboxes

Supported Versions

See the table below about the recommended Server and plugin versions and what versions of Salesforce are supported by each.

Salesforce objects that become available in newer releases of the API will be unavailable until they are reached in the "Maximum API Level to Target"  column, but the plugin and server will still work with all the older API Level.

FlexDeploy Server Version

FlexDeploy Salesforce Plugin Version

Minimum required Salesforce API Version Required

Maximum API Level to Target

Key Features

  • Supports the Full Deployment model, where a project is checked into SC, worked on there, and later deployed to different environments.
  • Supports the Partial Deployement model where changes made in Salesforce Orgs are synced without requiring an SCM.

 Plugin Operations