FlexDeploy QuickStart CE Guide

The FlexDeploy™ Community Edition Installation Guide provides information and instructions for installing FlexDeploy.

This Windows QuickStart installation guide is intended for users that are installing the packaged windows version of FlexDeploy. The installation will install the following components:

  • JDK 1.7
  • FlexDeploy database schemas
  • FlexDeploy master data
  • Tomcat application server
  • The FlexDeploy application
  • All FlexDeploy plugins (/plugins sub-directory of community edition installation folder)

The FlexDeploy installer requires that the Oracle XE software be installed and validated prior to running the FlexDeploy installer. Oracle XE can be downloaded from Oracle's site:

An existing Oracle Database or Oracle XE installation is required. Other components that are packaged with the community edition but not installed are:

  • Scripts (FlexDeploy start and stop scripts)

Documentation for the following will be available at FlexDeploy wiki:

Follow steps to install: FlexDeploy Community Edition Installation