Notification Templates

Notification templates enable users to define their own email templates (subject & body) to deliver notification content to subscribers based on the events occurring within the build/deploy/release lifecycle. The template is a pre-designed email that is used for sending notification messages to FlexDeploy users, groups, or to an external user's email address. Templates allow you to customize the content using rich set of APIs available in FlexDeploy. The templates use Apache Velocity for generating the content using data model and HTML formatting and styles. Templates can be extended by copying an out-of-box template or creating a whole new template with your own styles and structure.

The Notification Templates page can be accessed through the Administration -> Customize -> Notification Templates menu. This screen shows all of the out-of-box templates and any custom templates created for the events. 







The HTML content of an email used to send notification messages for one or multiple events.


“Change of state” of an object in FlexDeploy like workflow or task. Each template can be assigned to be used for one or multiple events.

e.g. Workflow request failed, pipeline gate approval assigned

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