Tags provide a visual way to organize, group and search for items in FlexDeploy.

Tags are freeform colored labels in FlexDeploy that have multiple uses including:

  • Categorizing

  • Quick Access/Identification

  • Organization

A Tag, once created, can be associated to multiple objects including but not limited to:

  • Projects

  • Packages

Adding Tags

Tags can be added by navigating to the object where the tag should be added and clicking the Plus Icon or Add Tag button.

With Tags
With no Tags

Next search for existing tags and select the tag you want to add.

Add New Tag

If you want to create a new tag, type the tag name you want to create and click Create New Tag

Random Color

Creating a new tag in this fashion will pick a random color for the tag. This can be changed by editing the tag after creation.

Editing Tags

Tags can be edited from the Manage Tags page or by clicking on a tag and selecting Edit Tag from the menu.

This will open a popup where the tag color can be modified. Make any necessary changes and click Save.

To limit undesired consequences of Tag edits, the Tag key/name cannot be modified.

Who can Edit Tags?

The original owner of the tag or FlexDeploy Administrators have privilege to edit existing Tags.

Who can Delete Tags?

Tags can only be deleted by FlexDeploy Administrators. This means even the Tag’s creator cannot delete the tag. This is the case since Tags can be assigned to multiple objects, objects the tag owner may not even have access to. So deleting a tag can potentially have undesired consequences for other users. As such only Administrators can delete Tags.

Dark Mode Adjustment

FlexDeploy supports both light and dark themes. Often times a color does not contrast well on both themes. Dark Mode Adjustment will apply an increase to the brightness of the color, only in dark mode.

You can think of it as having a separate color when your tag is viewed in dark mode.


Managing Tags

In most circumstances you can perform all of the actions needed to maintain Tags right from the objects, as shown above. However there is also a dedicated Manage Tags Screen where these actions can be performed as well.

From this page you can view all tags in your FlexDeploy instance, as well as create new ones, and edit/delete existing tags.

How can Tags be used

One of the biggest benefits of tags is further refining global search. In the below XXHR search you can see multiple results coming back:

In this case lets say we know the XXHR project we are looking for also has an oracle tag. Simply changing our search to xxhr ora gives us exactly what we are looking for


Tags can also be utilized to show related content on the dashboard. Custom Search is a dashboard panel that allows you to display search results in the form of a dashboard panel.

For example, lets say we had an Alpha release we wanted to track. We can add a custom search to show everything tagged with alpha on the dashboard.


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