Firefox on Windows 11 fix for missing scrollbars

On Windows 11, Firefox doesn’t show some scrollbars. This affects the projects and topology screens of FlexDeploy.

There are 2 options to fix this problem.

Option 1: Set scrollbars to always display in Windows 11. This is an operating system setting so it will impact all applications.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Visual effects

  2. Set "Always show scrollbars" to On



Option 2: Change settings in Firefox

This will only impact Firefox but takes more effort. Note: there may be other settings in about:config which adjust these scrollbars as well. If you find something new/different, please pass it along.

  1. Open a new tab

  2. Go to about:config

  3. Accept any risks

  4. Search for

  5. Change value from 0 (Default OS) to 4 (Windows 10 style)

  6. Search for

  7. Change value from true to false

  8. Search for

  9. Change value from true to false

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