Oracle Integration Cloud - Integration Object Type

An OIC Integration

Object Type Identification

  • Using populate from backend, all Integrations will be added. (This includes every version for every integration.)
  • Using populate from SCM, all folders with an .iar file will be matched. Also will match folders containing icspackage/project/ID_VERSION/, essentially all folders containing an extracted iar file.

File Extensions

  • Only matches directories, as described above.

Object Type Code



NameCodeDescriptionDefault ValueSupported Values
Manage ConnectionsMANAGE_CONNECTIONSExport connections for this integrationTrueTrue,False
Start SchedulesSTART_SCHEDULESShould any schedules for the imported integration be started after deployment? Activate Integration should be true or this will not take effect.TrueTrue,False
Activate IntegrationACTIVATE_INTEGRATIONShould the integration be activated after deployment.TrueTrue,False
Enable TracingENABLE_TRACINGWhen tracing is enabled, integration activity can be viewed in the Activity Stream.TrueTrue,False
Enable Payload TracingENABLE_PAYLOAD_TRACINGShould the payload be traced.FalseTrue,False
Send To Oracle RecommendsSEND_TO_ORACLE_RECOMMENDSContribute integration mappings to Oracle Recommends.FalseTrue,False
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