Jira ITSM Setup

The Jira ITSM integration with FlexDeploy requires a user with permission to create Change Requests and Incidents, and an API token. The steps in Jira are shown below.

API Token

Log into Jira ITSM.

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click Security
  • Click Create and Manage Tokens
  • Here, you can create a new API token, and use this token for your Jira ITSM instance in FlexDeploy.

The API token will be encoded using base64 before used in the request to get change request or create any new request


The user configured in FlexDeploy must have permission to access and create tickets. You can view and update permissions for your Jira ITSM project from Project Settings → Permissions.

From this menu, you can view and change which users and roles can create issues as needed. To view the role assigned to each user, go to Project Settings → Team.

After configuring this user in Jira ITSM, go to FlexDeploy and create a Jira ITSM instance to start using the integration. 

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