Configure the Dell Boomi Plugin

All plugin operations require the FDBOOMI_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE environment instance property to be set. See Configuring Cloud Accounts for more info. The following properties are required for the Dell Boomi Cloud Account.

Property Name
Property Code

Base URL of the AtomSphere API

Defaults to

Dell Boomi Account IDFDBOOMI_ACCOUNT_IDYesID of the Dell Boomi Account
Dell Boomi Account UserFDBOOMI_USERNAMEYesUsername for the registered Dell Boomi account
Dell Boomi Account PasswordFDBOOMI_PASSWORDYesPassword for the registered Dell Boomi account
Enable Packaged Component Deployment

Enable this feature to use Packaged Component Mode of deployments

Defaults to false

To obtain the required properties for setting up the cloud account, navigate to account settings page in the AtomSphere platform website. The steps to obtain each property are listed below:

  • FDBOOMI_ATOMSPHERE_API_URL: The AtomSphere API URL almost always remains unchanged.
  • FDBOOMI_ACCOUNT_ID: Go to Account Information section where you can obtain the Account ID.


          The Account ID can also be obtained by copying the value of the accountId field in the url  when logged in.


    • The FDBOOMI_USERNAME and FDBOOMI_PASSWORD are the username and password used to log into the Boomi account.
    • If you do not wish to store your password in FlexDeploy, you can navigate to the AtomSphere API Tokens section in the account settings page and generate a new token by following the instructions shown in the page. The FDBOOMI_USERNAME will now be your username with "BOOMI_TOKEN." prefix (For example, if the original username was "", the new username will be "") and the FDBOOMI_PASSWORD will be the newly generated API token.


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