EBS Object Types - Oracle Application Framework (OAF) MDS

A framework for application development within E-Business Suite. The framework is also available for personalizations, customizations and custom-application development.

Object Type Identification

  • Files with extensions .jpx, are included regardless of location
  • Files with extensions .xml, are included if they are in the webui folder.

File Extensions 

.xmlExtensible Markup Language file format used to create common information formats and share both the format and the data using standard ASCII text.
.jpxJbo project metadata file

Object Type

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) MDSOAF_MDS

Object Type Attributes

NameCodeDescriptionDefault ValueSupported Values
SourceSOURCEObject Source Location Type

SCM (**populating from SCM)

EBS (**manual creation)

Target LocationTARGET_LOCATIONPath to where the file should be deployed.


Root DirectoryROOT_DIRECTORYLocation of user-defined classes and packages.$<PROD_TOP>/mds
Target File PermissionFILE_PERMISSIONSPermissions to apply to the file after it is deployedDefaults to the project property FDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONS

Related Project Properties

NameCodeDescriptionDefault Value
OAF Java Root Source Directory
FDEBS_JAVA_ROOT_SOURCE_DIRWhere java/class/xml file's package resides. (e.g. classes) Default is java.java
OAF MDS Root Destination DirectoryFDEBS_MDS_ROOT_DESTINATION_DIRTarget directory for MDS files (webui xmls). Default is PROD_TOP/mds. (e.g. $XXHR_TOP/mds).$JAVA_TOP
OAF Java ClasspathFDEBS_JAVA_CLASSPATHLocation of user-defined classes and packages.
File PermissionsFDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONSTarget File Permission. Will be set to target file after deployment using chmod. eg: 755Target File Permission. Will be set to target file after deployment using chmod. eg: 755

Sample Build Commands 

java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.exporter.XMLExporter /xxt/oracle/apps/ak/xxperson/webui/managePersonPG  -rootdir ./ -username $FDEBS_DB_USER -password "$FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD" -dbconnection "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" ;
cp ./xxt/oracle/apps/ak/xxperson/webui/managePersonPG.xml "$SOURCE_FILE"

Sample Deploy Commands 

cp "$SOURCE_FILE" "$XXHR_TOP/mds/xxt/oracle/apps/ak/xxperson/webui/";
java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter "$XXHR_TOP/mds/xxt/oracle/apps/ak/xxperson/webui/managePersonPG.xml"  -rootdir $XXHR_TOP/mds/ -username $FDEBS_DB_USER -password "$FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD" -dbconnection "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL";


  • All OAF MDS related files must be source controlled under a directory structure matching the Java package structure. This is a requirement to ensure the generated deploy commands copy them to the correct location under the $JAVA_TOP.  If this requirement is not met, you will need to modify each of the target location paths and re-evaluate the commands or override the target location or root directory attribute scripts. See example below where xxPersonMainPG.xml file is placed in xxt/oracle/apps/ak/xxperson/webui under java folder.

You can verify deployment of MDS files using following code block.

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