Additional Variables for Script Plugins (Groovy, WLST)

Additional variable(s) defined below are specific to Script based plugins and are not available in Workflow editor and Shell based plugins.

Variable Name



POJO object representing execution details.

wfcontext for WLST Operation only works when using wlserver as WLST Script Folder.

Groovy and WLST scripts can invoke Java methods on variables supplied in environment. Here are the available methods for use by script based plugins. If method returns POJO object, other methods can be called to find specific value. For example, wfcontext.getCurrentInstance() returns Instance POJO, which provides additional methods like getInstance(), getName() and getCode() etc.

  • wfcontext
    • Long getWorkflowExecutionId()
    • Long getWorkflowRequestId()
    • Long getPluginExecutionId()
    • String getWorkflowType()
      • Value will be either BUILD or DEPLOY
    • Instance getCurrentInstance()
      • Instance object has following methods
        • Long getInstanceID()
        • String getName()
        • String getCode()
    • String getCurrentInstanceCode()
      • Same as FD_INSTANCE_CODE
    • Environment getCurrentEnvironment()
      • Environment object has following methods.
        • Long getEnvironmentID()
        • String getName()
        • String getCode()
    • String getCurrentEnvironmentCode()
    • Project getCurrentProject()
      • Project object has following methods.
        • String getName()
        • Long getProjectId()
        • SCMTypeEnum getSCMType()
          • Java Enum with possible values SVN, GIT, NONE, CVS, TFS
    • String getCurrentProjectName()
      • Same as FD_PROJECT_NAME
    • String getArtifactsDirectory()
      • Same as FD_ARTIFACTS_DIR
    • String getTempDirectory()
      • Same as FD_TEMP_DIR
    • String getInternalDirectory()
      • Internal directory used by FlexDeploy for temporary scripts
    • Object getInput(String pName)
      • Returns value for specified input name.
    • Object getPropertyValue(String pKey)
      • Returns Project property value specified by key name.
    • Object getPropertyValue(String pInstanceCode, String pKey)
      • Returns environment instance property value for specified instance and key name.
      • If property is overridden at project level, overridden value is returned.
    • Object getCurrentInstancePropertyValue(String pKey)
      • Returns environment instance property value for current instance and key name.
      • If property is overridden at project level, overridden value is returned.
    • Object getPropertyValueOrDefault(String pKey, Object pDefault)
    • Object getPropertyValueOrDefault(String pInstanceCode, String pKey, Object pDefault)
    • Object getCurrentInstancePropertyValueOrDefault(String pKey, Object pDefault)
    • boolean isForceDeploy()
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