Integrate with HashiCorp Vault

FlexDeploy provides out of box integration with HashiCorp Vault to retrieve secrets. FlexDeploy will authenticate using AppRole authentication method against vault.

HashiCorp Vault Setup

  • You must first install and configure HashiCorp Vault if have not already done so.
  • Now you can create specific AppRole for FlexDeploy authentication. Use proper role name, for example flexdeploy-role.
  • AppRole must have policy that allows FlexDeploy to read specific secrets necessary. Note that FlexDeploy only needs read permission. Example policy file

    Examplay Policy File
    path "kv/*" 
       capabilities = ["read"]
    path "sys/mounts" 
       capabilities = ["read"]
    path "secret/*"
      capabilities = ["read"]
  • You will need role id and secret id for this AppRole for configuration in FlexDeploy.

FlexDeploy Setup

You must first create Credential Store in FlexDeploy by clicking Create Store button on Administration - Security - Credentials page. Credential store represents instance of specific type of credential store provider. If you have more than one HashiCorp Vault installations, you will create equal number of Credential Stores in FlexDeploy.

Here are the configurations necessary for this store.

Property NameNotesExample
Vault URL

HTTP URL for REST service calls.

If you use https protocol then make sure to configure KeyStore (default java or application server keystore) with proper certificates.
App Role PathApp role path for authentication. This will default to approle and it should be sufficient.approle
Role IdYou will create approle for FlexDeploy to authenticate against vault, provide role id per your Vault configurations
Secret IdYou will create approle for FlexDeploy to authenticate against vault, provide secret id per your Vault configurations
Engine VersionEngine version for secrets. This will default to 2, you can change if necessary.1 or 2

Now you are ready to create individual credential to be retrieved from Vault.

You can create or edit credentials from Credentials page or from where specific credential is used.

HashiCorp Credential requires two inputs as described below. Keep in mind that AppRole created for FlexDeploy must have read access to paths defined by various credentials.

Input NameNotes
Secrets PathPath to secrets in HashiCorp Vault. For example, kv/DEV/Database/apps
Key NameKey name for secret value.

Here is how edit credential looks like.

Create credential looks similar except you need to provide Scope as well. Scope can not changed once credential is saved.

You can change credential inputs (Secrets Path, Key Name) at any point. FlexDeploy will use these inputs with credential store properties like URL, Role and Secret id to retrieve individual credential for use during Workflow Execution.