Working with the Data Table

About the Data Table

The data table comes with a number of different features to help you view the data however you see fit. This page will cover everything from applying filters and sort criteria to changing column and row sizes.

An outline of the table and its features can be seen below.


  1. Add Filter - By clicking on the filter icon on each column you can apply a specific filter to that column.
  2. Add Sort - By clicking on the column header it will apply an ascending sort. Click again to apply a descending sort. Finally click again to remove the sort.
  3. Applied Filters and Sort - Provides a quick look into what filters and sorts are currently applied to the table. 
  4. Saved Query Selection - Add and select your Saved Queries for this table.
  5. Manage Columns - Opens a sidenav where you can add/remove columns and re-order them.
  6. Additional Options - Any additional options for controlling the table will show up here.
    1. Dense - Reduces the row height
    2. Fixed Layout - When enabled you will be able to resize your columns by dragging the headers, when not enabled the table columns will size to the data.


Managing Columns

To add, remove, and re-order click the Manage Columns button as outlined above.

  1. Adding Columns - Simply type the column name you want to add hit enter or click the entry. You can also simply click the drop down without any text to view all available columns.
  2. Re-order Columns - You can click and drag any column to re-order it on the table
  3. Removing Columns - Click the trash can to remove the column from the table. 

Recommended Reading

Saved Queries allow you to save all of the customizations we just went through allowing you easily access the same view every time you view the table.