JDBC Object Types - Other Objects

Other objects type objects model non-sql files that are stored in SCM. They are used to copy files that are stored with sql files from an SCM to a filesystem on an endpoint. Optionally, they can have property replacement performed on them. They cannot be created manually. No attributes are required.


Default Value
Target Location

This is the location where the file will be placed. Property replacement will be performed on the value.

If blank, the folder will be created in FD_TEMP_DIR. If the default is used, but the Other Root Target Folder project property is left blank, then the folder will be created in FD_TEMP_DIR.

Property ReplacementIf checked, property replacement will be run on the file, unless it appears to be a binary file, and then it will be skipped for property replacement.Property Replacement Default is the project property to control the default.
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